Back To Love: Celebrate Love’s Various Faces

Back To Love: Celebrate Love’s Various Faces

For many years, pop culture has dictated a particular gifting trope: That come February 14, men must arrive, armed with a ribboned box and flowers, to call on a lucky girl. We say that unilateral expectation and the Stepford Wives should stay in the Sixties. Today, women do not need to wait for permission to sit at the table, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Why not pare the holiday down to its core—an explicit celebration of love—for your partner, your gal or guy pals, and yourself. This means throwing out stuffy notions of gender and throwing your arms open to love’s many forms and faces. Here are some dazzling ideas for whomever you choose to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

From left to right:  1. Facets ring  2. CO tie necklace  3. Wilderness earrings  4. Sunray stud earring
In hand:  1. Celeste pavé set hanging necklace  2. Romance earrings   On the wrist: 1.Let

No, you didn’t hear wrong. Menswear jewelry has been on the rise, even during a lockdown. Maybe it’s the need to accessorize on Zoom calls, or it’s simply that men have become braver about flaunting their desire to shine thanks to some famous inspiring faces (if it’s good enough for Prince Harry…). Whatever the cause, the effect is the same: If they’re open to wearing it, you should feel encouraged to gift it. Perhaps start with some matching couples bracelets made from the recycled polyester cord with the letters “CO” meaning “together” in Latin by the French label Courbet to show your commitment to each other. Or opt for a subtle and classic tennis bracelet by the Japanese ethical brand Prmal that stacks well with his favorite timepiece. Spoil your partner the way you want to be spoiled.

From left to right:  1. Wave ring  2. Memories of the Sea pendant necklace   3. Wild lines eternity ring

Remember when Charlotte York from Sex and the City once announced to her three best friends: "Maybe we can be each other's soul mates. And then we can let men be great, nice guys to have fun with." Through thick and thin, your friends have been constant companions, especially in those years when perhaps you haven't yet had a partner to indulge in Valentine's Day with. And maybe one of your friends needs you this year. Use this day to celebrate her with a gorgeous Galentine's Day gift, perhaps an intertwined lab-grown diamond pavé necklace by Courbet or a dreamy seaside-inspired pendant by German eco-label Maren. She deserves to know that she is loved today and every day.

Above:  1. CO mono hanging earrings  2. Wilderness earrings

Whether you're unattached or in a thriving relationship, never forget that the most important relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself. Gone are the days that you should have to sit passively (or hint obviously) for Prince Charming to bring you a sparkling gift. If there's a shiny something you've had your eye on, don Cupid's bow and arrow yourself and take aim. Prmal's pink lab-grown diamond studs or Spanish label Rêver's Eternity Ring are perfect reminders for years to come that you are unconditionally and unequivocally loved on this Valentine's Day.