It’s almost Mother’s Day, do we hear the birds chirping, see the grass a brilliant green, the sky clearing up? If so, that’s because Mother’s Day is one of the most heartwarming days of the year. It gives us time to reflect on mothers who have raised, nurtured, strengthened, and guided us. Mothers are an inspiration to us all. There are many ways to be a mother and different forms of motherhood, and we can always celebrate those who have raised us whether an aunt or a family friend. Loving mothers and mother figures are often superheroes protecting and supporting their kids.

To celebrate the wonder and complexity of motherhood, a heartfelt gift is the way to go. And if we’re honest, sometimes one gift simply is not enough. When you want to give more than one gift and offer options to the mother or mother figure you are showing love to on this special day, we have some recommended jewelry options and gift bundles.

Think of it this way:

For these kinds of occasions, we usually give a bouquet of flowers to celebrate, so what about adding or swapping it with a bouquet of jewels?

This year at The Future Rocks, we have jewelry gift bundles that will be useful when you want to give jewelry sets, or when you want to have matching jewelry with your mother figure. Here are some ideas for a bouquet of jewelry including matching sets, jewelry that works together, and our special Mother’s Day bundle gift sets that she will cherish forever.

For mothers who love floral notes

To truly create a bouquet of jewelry, these options are for mothers who like a touch of nature to their jewelry.

For mothers who are punk rockers

A splash of black jewelry for those moms who like to rock it. 

For mothers who hold elegance

When you know she has an elegant essence to her. 

For mothers who lean into the spotlight

You know your mother wants to shine. 

For mothers who love to color match

Colors on colors, beautiful colorful jewelry.

For mothers who light up with gold

Mother’s who love gold, with a heart of gold. 

For mothers who adore animals

Suprise her with these wildlife-inspired treasures.

For those who hold a special place in your heart

A heartfelt expression of your love.

For mom’s ultimate jewelry stack

Build mom's perfect jewelry collection, one piece at a time.

Our special Mother’s Day deals

These jewelry sets are great for a night out in the town, going to an art gallery, or any other activity. It’s easy to find a gift to elevate her style. Remember, you can always treat your mother/mother figure out, too!

Additionally, if you are in Hong Kong or nearby you can visit our pop-up store for permanent jewelry options with your mother (open till end of June). To make a great gift for your mom, choose from a variety of lab-grown gemstones and diamond pendant options. If you get some of the Mother’s Day jewelry sets and choose a matching set with your mother, or come in person to get permanent jewelry, with your mother, we’d love to see it! Don't forget to take some photos, share them on Instagram and tag us!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!