Symbols have always been a very strong element in the human experience, representing everything from our greatest fears to our highest hopes and spiritual quests. Such small emblems can be anywhere—in art, architecture, ceremonies, tattoos, and even in the emojis we use every day. But when these symbols find their way into jewelry, they become such intimate pieces of our own stories. Read on for some of the most powerful symbols and what lies behind many of our favorite pieces.

Flower Jewelry: Renewal, Beauty, Resilience 

Flowers have been nature’s jewelry long before we ever decided to craft our own. Each bloom tells a tale of renewal, beauty, and resilience. From the delicate cherry blossoms of Japan to the resilient lotus of India, each flower carries its own meaning. This Wild Flowers Ring is intricately created using recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds as the ultimate symbol of mindful love. Slip it on, and let this floral treasure transform your look.

Sun and Moon Jewelry: Power, Warmth, Energy

In many cultures, the sun and moon are revered as powerful symbols. The sun represents light, warmth, and energy, while the moon embodies serenity, intuition, and the mysteries of the night. Together, they create a harmonious balance, much like yin and yang.

The Sun and Moon Necklace, the work of the Japanese brand Eureka, captures this eternal dance. Adorn this necklace with an off-the-shoulder dress to underline its shimmering beauty and the sense of equilibrium it brings into our lives.

Water Jewelry: Pure, Transformative, Adaptable

Water is life. It’s pure, transformative, and adaptable. Water looks across cultures as a sacred element that cleanses the spirit and sustains life itself.

Just as water can take any shape and overcome obstacles, Eney’s Water Asymmetry Earrings remind us of our subtle ways of treading through life, embracing change at it goes. Throw them on with flowing fabrics and soft colors to create a look that's both serene and harmonious.

Heart Jewelry : Love, Connection, Celebration

When it comes to expressing our love and connections, nothing speaks more universally than the heart symbol. From Monarc's playful heart-and-arrow bracelet to Rêver's all-pink heart ring, these pieces celebrate love in its many beautiful forms. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or Valentine's Day or simply letting a dear friend know how much they mean to you, these heart-themed jewels will handle it.

Star Jewelry:  Wisdom, Guidance, Sparks

For thousands of years, humankind has looked up to the stars in the night sky, searching for meaning and guidance. Stars connect us to the vast universe and remind us of our place in it. The Stardust Necklace by Maren Jewellery pairs beautifully with your evening wear and is sure to get you sparkling on that special night out. It also makes a thoughtful gift to your personal north star, that mentor who's always lit the way.

Zodiac Jewelry: Proud, Authentic, Inner Peace

Originating from Babylonian astrology and later refined by the Greeks, the zodiac sign has been used for centuries in the interpretation of our inner traits and external behaviors.

Design Lab's Zodiac collection comes in all twelve constellation patterns, each set with sparkling lab-grown diamonds cast in 18k gold. They are personal pieces that will let you proudly display your star sign and reveal your authentic self. And why not get matching pieces with your sisters or BFFs to channel the energy of your signs together?

Infinity Jewelry: Eternity, Empowerment, Possibilities

The infinity symbol, introduced by English mathematician John Wallis in 1655, suggests an endless continuum. The graceful loop has since been embraced to express eternity, higher power, and boundless possibilities. Shower your infinitely lovely family member, best friend of life, or significant other with such entities as the Infinite Multi-Coloured Diamond Necklace.

Cross Necklaces: Faith, Protection, Spirituality

The cross is one of the oldest symbols, with a history stretching back to ancient civilizations before becoming a central emblem of Christianity. It symbolizes not only faith, protection, and spirituality but much more. Rêver's Cross Necklaces come in classic and modern styles alike, which can turn out to be that special gift for someone seeking strength or perhaps just needing that little reminder every day.

Horseshoe Jewelry:  Luck, Modern, Adventures

The horseshoe has its origins in ancient Roman and Celtic cultures. Made out of iron and traditionally forged, this object was believed to possess the power against evil spirits. This would be sewn into the hem of the wedding dress or included with the bridal bouquet and decorations by Celtic brides for good luck.

Eureka's diamond-studded design is a modern interpretation of this symbol, as you journey through each day. Heading into that job interview, winning that critical test, or just embarking on a new path, these chic accessories will be the perfect amulets to your success.

Wishbone Jewelry: Power of Hope, Good Fortune, Wish Comes True

Remember the childhood wishbone ritual, snapping it in two and making a secret wish? This delightful childhood memory explains itself to be a tangible reminder of the power of hope and good luck—one that goes as far back as the Etruscans.

Alondra's Horizon Wishbone Ring is the modern sophistication for the symbolism. Accented with stunning lab-grown spinel stones, it's beautiful worn solo as a good luck charm or layered into your powerful ring stack. Make a wish as you slip it on – maybe it'll come true!

Phoenix Jewelry: Rebirth, Renewal

Rising from the ashes, this legendary creature has fascinated us since ever on the story of rebirth and renewal. The Phoenix Collection by Unsaid captures this powerful symbolism with its fiercely cut silhouettes and dazzling designs. Bold and striking, these would pair best with elegant outfits to let the adornments take center stage. Remember – it's when we go through the roughest of struggles that we emerge the most powerful and beautiful.

Make Your Own Adornments

In a world where connection and meaning are everything, symbolic jewelry carries our stories close to our hearts in a form that’s both beautiful and personal. Add that touch of your own: your initials or the engraving of something special for you, maybe even add a healing stone to personalize it. Find the pieces that resonate with you, and let all of this be said by your jewelry.