Born out of the pandemic, what started off as an often-mundane activity got quite a glow-up at the relatively quiet times. Namely, the #Hotgirlwalk, women around the world reunited over this self-empowering form of expression. Not to be mistaken as a walk in the park, one engages in this activity with a belief in self-worth and just, simply put, how hot they are.

With September being January in the fashion world - for those who aren’t familiar with the fashion calendar, it marks the start of a new fashion season with the launch of next spring’s collections, with New York taking the lead among the big three, i.e. New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week - let us all join the very chic ladies from recent years strolling (or more fittingly, sprinting between shows) along the streets of The Big Apple for a #Hotgirlwalk.

The Hula Hoop

Take note, ladies with short haircuts. I believe you already found your reasons for chopping your hair off, I just hope if “hoop earrings” is not on the list, it will soon be. Because nothing accessorises your neck better than some large hoop earrings like the lady in the picture. 

Better yet, add a twist to the style of your hoop earrings by opting for a “lighter” design, namely Inbilico's Light Earrings. In a delicate swirl, the Light earring makes for a unique take on the staple hoop design. Each piece is expertly crafted in Italy with 18k gold punctuated by a lab-grown diamond.

Earring style guide - Hoop Earrings
Image Courtesy of dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo​​

The Stacking Game

Yes, I'm sure you're all aware of the fact that stack earrings are back, but do you already know which size/ style works best for you? If you don't, read on, if you do, then you can most certainly find your best fit here on the shelves of The Future Rocks.


Shall you be feeling extra adventurous, not only does Inbilico's Lip Ear Cuff go well with your earring stack. Try adding this versatile piece of accessory to your lip for those with a little punk spirit at heart.

Earring style guide - Stacking ear cuffs
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The Superstar Status

How does one reach “Superstar status”? Could it be the aura one naturally exudes, which, in other words, without any kind of formula whatsoever? Or could it be the achievement an artist accomplished throughout his or her career that eventually earned them the title? Or in this case, the lady in question pictured here - Teyana Taylor, with multiple music awards under her belt, stops the show by just entering the room? 


Just because not everyone is musically talented, even if you don't have a few chart-topping albums to back your status up, you still ought to look the part. Here, give your status a gentle bump with Inbilico's Super Stud Earrings, exclusive to TFR in the yellow gold colorway, each piece is made with a lab-grown diamond and 18k gold.

Earring style guide - Super stud earrings
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The Sunshine

Some people carry the sunshine with them wherever they go, while some people exude a natural glow. Unfortunately, if you're neither of them, you may have to bring yours in a less organic (but just as sustainable) way. 

Be sure to shine through all seasons and outfits, capturing the elegant, undulating movement of a snake, Inbilico's Shiny Climbing Snake Earring features a serpent coiling around a silver bar bedazzled with lab-grown diamonds.

Earring style guide - Elegant earrings
Image Courtesy of Christopher Neve / Alamy Stock Photo​​