Gaïa Orgeas is wearing Celeste pavé set hanging necklaceCeleste ring, and the Marquise ring with her baby, Sylvester.

Celebrating the marvel of motherhood, we’d like to give a shoutout to all the mother figures out there, from incredible single mothers to pet moms to the nannies and mentors who’ve raised us, and especially the mothers who have just come into this new role this year. They are beautiful, brave and oh-so loved, and there’s no better gift than a lab-grown diamond that will enshrine the memories of motherhood. Thanks to their innovative design, lab-grown diamond jewelry, like moms, comes in all shapes and forms, so you’ll certainly find something for every style of mom. Pick her perfect future heirloom below.

Different ways to celebrate your mom

When you’re buying a gift for your mom, the most important thing is to get something she will love and appreciate. There are a few factors to remember when buying a gift for moms.

Types of jewelry she likes.

What kind of jewelry does your mom like? Is she more into classic pieces or are edgy, statement pieces more her thing?

How often she wears jewelry?

You want to think about how often your mom wears jewelry. If she wears it every day, you can get a more statement piece. If she wears jewelry only on special occasions or only wears jewelry once in a while, you can get a more subtle piece.

What occasions are you buying for?

Another thing to consider is the occasion. Is it her birthday? Mother’s Day? An anniversary? Certain occasions call for certain gifts, and you’ll want to make sure you get something that fits the occasion.

For the elegant mom

This graceful lady seems to always be put-together, from her outfit to her home, and she certainly expects it from her jewelry. Help her emblazon the memory of her first Mother’s Day with Monarc’s Cleopatra rings inspired by the legendary sovereign of Egypt—a piece worthy of a queen.

For the Worldly Mom

This momma is all about her relaxed aesthetic—we’re talking kaftans, eclectic prints, and Grecian sandals that take her to far-flung places, so this Mother’s Day gift should be no exception. Add to her free-spirited charm with the organically shaped Salouen stud earrings by French label Scéona, a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council. 

Jewelry for the Worldly Mom

For the Edgy Mom

She’s the woman who’s always experimenting, telling you about that new app, or discovering unusual gastronomy. Sleek, confident, and no-nonsense, her style will need to reflect her avant-garde demeanor. Swiss label The Rayy’s jewelry does just that, encasing a hidden message in a simple design—watch her be amazed by the reflection of the word “Love” shining through the lab-grown diamond’s sparkle. Alternatively, opt for one of the Japanese brand Prmal’s various ear cuffs that she can stack at will.

Shower your mom with love

No matter what kind of mom you have, there is an excellent gift for her. The best way to find the perfect gift for your mom is to really think about her style, preferences, and the gifting occasion. Once you know what you are looking for, finding the perfect gift for your mom will be a breeze. You can find everything from classic gold or platinum jewelry to elegant and edgy lab-grown diamond jewelry. No matter what gift you choose, rest assured that your mom will love and appreciate the gesture.