The time is June 2023, everyone’s finally out of their homes post-lockdown. You start to realise how people around you have changed during the period of solitude. Conversations surrounding inner self and mental health started surging in mainstream media, and self-reflection is now the new norm.

In the spirit of that, we realise it’s not only important to connect with your inner child, but to also connect with your surroundings. Real connections are made when you reveal your true self, and the key to that is nothing but transparency. At The Future Rocks, unfortunately, we don’t offer spiritual guidance. But on the upside, we are here to provide a thorough look at our selection of “sparkly surroundings" like you’ve never seen before. 


(On patient’s left hand) 

  1. Inspired by the wings of a phoenix, the Phoenix Open Statement Ring features a trio of lab-grown diamonds that cluster together on one side, with a brilliant solitaire stone on the other. 
  2. The Bubble Swirl Ring features six unique bubble-cut lab-grown diamonds set in 18k recycled gold. It's the perfect balance of artisanal skill and futuristic innovation. 
  3. Inspired by the evocative nature of change and growth, this Meta Statement Bracelet is handcrafted with geometric lab-grown diamonds in unexpected shapes and sizes.

(On patient’s right hand) 

  1. The Amour Perpétuel Union Ring pays homage to eternal love through 18K recycled gold twines, which are reminiscent of infinite rolling waves.
  2. Designed in New York drawing inspiration from architecture, the Skyline Circle Ring features a half-circle cast in 14K white gold and paved in lab-grown diamonds intersected by a large central diamond.
  3. Portuguese for waves, the crowning cluster of lab-grown diamonds form the center of the Onda Cuff, made in 14k recycled gold.


(From top to bottom)

  1. As the name suggests, the Phoenix Wing Petite Earrings mimick the wings of a phoenix, with five lab-grown diamonds fan up the earlobe in a crescendo of size and brilliance.
  2. The Horizon Link Necklace features a lab-grown diamond chain link centerpiece, set on a long 18K gold vermeil chain.

  1. Named after the neutron stars producing powerful beams of light, these Pulsar Climber Earrings make a statement without the need for several piercings. 
  2. Cast in 14K yellow gold, these Sparkle Huggies are paved in shimmering lab-grown diamonds and feature a delicate dangling geometric shape that adds a dash of sparkle with every movement.


(On Tulip)

  1. This dainty 14K white gold Drizzle Bracelet features a delicate swoop of rocks that sparkle in any light, making this the perfect piece to take your outfit from day to night.

(In the Middle)

  1. The 14K white gold Bubbly Necklace features a delicate chain of bezel setlab-grown diamonds that seemingly drip down your décolletage.

(On Patient)

  1. The signature style of the Perpétuel.le Semi-pavée Ring Band is a blend of angles and curves, structured and bold.


(From left to right)

  1. The 18K gold and diamond Sully Ring features a design composed of two brilliant-cut diamonds, inspired by the Chateau de Sully, a symbol of the French renaissance.
  2. Like the hazy band of light streaming across the sky that is only visible on a clear night, this Milky Way Ring is for the optimistic dreamers who never cease to strive for greater harmony.