A creative campaign that explores the varying facets of femininity—from the sensual to the powerful—the arresting images serve to highlight our belief in the emotional power of jewelry and its ability to allow the TFR woman to express their innermost desires and personalities. 

In an evolution from the previous campaign—whereby the protagonist, finding her way through an urban, dystopian landscape, embarks on an adventurous search for answers—this year’s protagonist is a woman empowered. Unafraid to tap into her various veils of femininity, she continues to follow her curious instincts, dipping into three surreal fantasies that are an amalgamation of imagination and scientific creation, just like a lab-grown diamond.

TFR co-founder and Chief Design Officer Ray Cheng art directed the cinematic storyline, with Damien Krisl—celebrated Swiss photographer and director who is best known for his global beauty and luxury campaigns—behind the lens. The model is wearing statement lab-grown diamond jewelry exclusive to TFR.

The first is a sensual and determined encounter, where our protagonist meets her inner self, teasing and flirting with her own beauty. Next, the audience sees her toying with a gigantic rough gem, basking in its glow with childlike innocence as she dabbles in the playground of her imagination. And finally, she emerges a creative dreamer, experiencing the exhilaration of freedom to dream, create and evolve. 

Photographed in the domed Espace Niemeyer in Paris, which was built by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in the 1970s, the setting embodies the harmony found in the sensual power and physical strength of jewelry through the undulating glass facade and the smooth curves of the concrete and wood formwork. The curvaceous dome was meant to represent the form of a pregnant woman, according to Niemeyer, and is a sought-after venue for brands like Prada and Jean-Paul Gaultier to host fashion shows, while serving as the backdrop of the Audrey Tautou movie, Mood Indigo. 

As if plucked from a space odyssey, the backdrop sets the mood of the campaign, one that places the protagonist outside space or time. Engulfed in a pink, primordial cocoon, she then appears to be awakened by the glow of a rough gem, into a world of infinite opportunities. It’s a universe made possible by the scientific wonders of lab-grown materials, their inherent technologically-powered characteristics allowing for infinite opportunities to morph a gem’s shape, color and design. 

Reflections abound, through water, glass and crystal, mirroring the many dimensions of the self, as she is seen curiously experimenting with both her desires and her surroundings. 

Photographer : @damienkrisl

Model : @yumilambert

Stylist : @samiagiobellina

Hair : @daviddelicourt

Make-up : @marieguillon_

Set design : @sylvaincabouat

Creative agency: @mixtecreativeagency