Jewelry gifts for your: 

It’s the gifting season! While there is no way to measure how much love you receive from those closest to you, there is a way to know how much glitz and glamour you can give depending on how close you are to someone. Well, at least, we have compiled some reasonable choices for you depending on your level of intimacy with various people in your life. That said, don’t take this too seriously, it is all for jokes! Give what’s on your heart.

Intimacy level: Mom

For your mother,

 arguably the person closest to you (though we understand there are exceptions) there is truly no limit to the amount of diamonds you could give.

However, here are some of our most dazzled-out jewelry pieces that would be a worthy gift to the person who brought you into the world. Or whoever has most displayed the love of a mother to you!

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for  Moms

Intimacy level: Spouse

This is a big one depending on your relationship with the person. Good to go all out on the diamonds, and keep the fire burning and the love alive.

Or let it remind you why you all decided to like each other in the first place. Whatever the case may be, you've got options

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for  Spouses

Intimacy level: Significant other

You aren’t married…yet, or maybe that’s not your route, but you’re very close. One thing is for certain - this is someone that you’re close enough to call a partner, so you’d want to go all out!

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for  Your Significant Other

Intimacy level: Best friend’s birthday

Inside jokes, context only you two know, being able to chill without much else needed, there is a true joy when it comes to the friends that are closest to us in life. Those who understand us, and who have our backs no matter what. Don’t go any less than this selection:

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for  Your  Best Friend

Intimacy level: Colleague bestie Secret Santa

You got your colleague-bestie for Secret Santa, a win! Now what? Express kindness with what you get, though there might be a price point limit, you can still get something on your tab.

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for  Your  Bestie Secret Santa

Intimacy level: Distant cousin’s wedding

For your third or fourth-removed cousin’s wedding, you’ve got to think about something that’s the right fit. While it might not have the highest level of diamond glittering, it should leave a message that you cared enough to show up at the wedding.

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for  Your  Cousin