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Mother's Day 2023: The perfect zodiac jewelry for twelve kinds of mom

As we're approaching the greatest festival of the year - no, it's not Christmas yet - millions of people around the world are losing sleep over finding the perfect gifts for mom. Some may turn to their dads for a rather practical (yet potentially risky) suggestion, some decide to go online for inspiration. Presuming the latter is why you're here, look no further, as we're not going to disappoint you by suggesting sterling silver for the water sign moms (as silver is the zodiac sign of the water element). Instead, we are here to recommend a selection of timeless mom jewelry that will assuredly be worn and treasured by the beautiful lady in question.

To presumably be treated as a "jewelry for mom handbook" for all the devoted and loving children out there, we will dissect the gifting preferences of the twelve kinds of moms based on their astrological signs. And for the beginners out there, we also come with a familiar movie character representation for each of the signs for easy reference.

Aries as represented by Cruella De Vil from "Cruella"

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Goal-oriented, bold and confident. If you have an Aries as a mom, chances are you may never be as accomplished of a person as she is, and that's okay. Being the Alpha of the family, they are used to bearing all responsibilities and being the anchor of everyone around them. 

Known for their uncomplicated and direct approach in life, you are very likely on the receiving end of some tough love. While it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, they are just doing the best they could in their understanding to protect the person they love. Think Cruella De Vil practicing thievery and grifts, kidnapping Dalmatians, and crashing parties, all to avenge her mother. Knowing the importance of getting on their good side, get her the Aries Necklace from the Design Lab collection so they shine brighter in every one of their main character moments.

Taurus as represented by Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games”

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Persistence, loyal and self-sacrificing, Tauruses make the best textbook mom. At times stubborn; they are often strong-minded and determined. Always putting your needs before their own, their love may often come off as quite suffocating, especially if you’re an air sign that cherishes freedom more than anything else.

Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games” undoubtedly gives off big Taurus energy; remember when she volunteered as tribute in exchange for her sister’s place in the Games? We all did. Not only did she take her sister’s place, but she also won the games and continued to provide for her family. If that still doesn’t scream Taurus to you, I don’t know what else does. Treat your sacrificing Taurus with the Taurus Necklace from the Design Lab collection so they know it’s all worth it. Or even better, casually mention the price of your gift. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Money, Tauruses are known to indulge in earthy pleasures and often splurge on luxuries as treats for their laborious work.

Gemini as represented by Regina George from "Mean Girls"

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No offense to all the Gemini moms out there, but as a Gemini rising myself, I’m allowed to say we do give off a rather spiteful image, especially to the ones we love. Communicative, enthusiastic and amusing, Geminis can be fun to hang out with (at times), but often more so a bully/ Queen Bee.

Don’t worry, that could all just be the kind of person she is as a friend. Known for their many facades, Gemini moms can be sweet and loving to their children. As an air sign, they’re the thinkers in life that treasure fostering individuallity in their children more than anything else. You’re very likely encouraged to communicate a lot as a kid, and potentially forced to engage in various activities (to keep up with their many interests). Spoil your best friend this Mother’s Day by gifting her the Gemini Necklace from the Design Lab collection, so she could show you off in her many gatherings this season. 

Cancer as represented by Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas”

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A rather stereotypical/ slightly outdated image of a Cancer mom could be Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Exuding a strong sense of lovingness and loyalty to their loved ones, they can be the very typical stay-home moms who are totally dedicated to their families.

Not to be mistaken as a Taurus, they have a softer side that the former lacks, and are most likely to display the inverse of love in situations shall she ever feel threatened or betrayed. As a highly emotional water sign, they can’t help but react on emotions, but are also generous to respond with equal, if not double/ triple the amount of love she’s received. Be smart this Mother’s Day and shower her with gifts from the Design Lab collection and make her feel treasured.

Leo as represented by Love Quinn from “You”

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As crazy as it sounds, Love Quinn from “You” could potentially be a Leo mom. Not only is she incredibly protective of the people she cares for, she’s also passionate doing so. Remember how protective of Forty Love was in Season 2 of “You”? Fiercely independent, determined and confident in her abilities, they could often be quite extreme in their ways.

Realistically speaking, I’m certain your mom is not a serial killer in the making. But be sure to thank and appreciate their efforts so as to satisfy their proud side. Two sides of the same coin, their pride is just a by-product of their insecurities. As long as you show them enough appreciation, they are fueled and ready to give just as much. One tip to make sure they’re happy with your present this Mother’s Day is not to only focus on the “What”, but also on the “How”. Getting her the Leo Necklace from the Design Lab collection is a must, but presenting her the gift in a flashy setting might just be the icing on the cake.

Virgo as representend by Mary Poppins from "Mary Poppins"

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They may have everything in control, and their children's lives are quite often planned to precision. As boring a life as it sounds, they somehow manage to make it all seem fun and magical along the way as Mary Poppins does. Not only do they hold high standards for their children, they also walk the talk by being their own harshest critics. 

You know you have a Virgo as a mom when you can’t seem to recall a memory of her not looking perfect - be it in the middle of completing a chore, or that time when she showed up in her nicest heels during a Parent-teacher meeting. Don’t get defeated just yet, the idea of getting a gift for a perfectionist may not be as intimidating as it sounds after all, look no further, the necklace that will finally put a smile on her face sits right here on the shelves of The Future Rocks.

Libra as represented by Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde”

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Innately interested in harmony, balance and justice. If you grew up with a sibling, chances are you would remember running to your mom over an unresolved conflict and how she approached the problem with complete balance and integrity. 

Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” could likely be the closest representation of a Libra on the big screen. The self-evident reason undoubtedly lies in the fact that she’s a lawyer, but her impeccable fashion sense in court is also a major giveaway. 

While being presentable is a core trait in a Libra, she wants everything and everyone around her to be on par with her standard. That being said, your gift for her has to exude good taste naturally. They don’t need anything over-the-top; a subtle yet stylish Libra necklace with 7 lab-grown diamonds depicting the placement of the stars may just be the perfect fit.

Scorpio as represented by Beatrix Kiddo from “Kill Bill”

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I admit it is a bit excessive to portray a Scorpio mom as Beatrix Kiddo (commonly known as The Bride) from “Kill Bill.” Don’t get me wrong, they could be as revengeful and have very likely kept a list of names of everyone that has wronged them, but as discreet as they are, it is doubtful for them to be at the forefront of a revenge scheme.

As the sign suggests, Scorpio women protect and defend their children as fiercely as a mother bear guards and defends her cubs. Being the kid of a Scorpio mom, you’re bound to have experienced a certain level of smothering. This Mother’s Day, make sure to get her something nice from The Future Rocks to show your gratitude. As devoted as they are, Scorpios are relatively quick to display their anger and frustration (especially when they don’t feel appreciated).

Sagittarius as represented by Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”

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They are friendly, unfiltered, and always on the lookout for adventures. Before becoming a mother, they’re the party animals that stay till the dawn of day. Being the child of a Sagittarius can be fun; you are bound to be exposed to various experiences because she enjoys taking you everywhere, and they seldom say no to wherever the fun is.

Being a big humanitarian at heart, they can’t help but be naturally curious about human nature. They enjoy getting to know people and more so, their loved ones. After all, before unleashing her inner villain, Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad” was the only psychiatrist to ever get through to Poison Ivy. Being a natural people person (and good at it), she'll love quality time spent with you more than anything else. While gifting them the Sagittarius Necklace from the collection is a thoughtful act, spending time and checking up on her is the cherry on top as they prioritise human connection above all.

Capricorn as represented by Miranda Priestly from “Devil wears Prada”

Image Courtesy of AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo / 20th Century Fox​​

If one of the fondest moments you’ve had with your mom consists of you sitting in the corner of her office after school, cramming for the upcoming test, all while waiting on her to finish the fifth consecutive work call that she promised to have ended 30 minutes ago. Chances are you might have a workaholic, Capricorn-y mom.

Being one of the most hard-working, relentless signs in the horoscope, Miranda Priestly from “Devil wears Prada” best embodies what it means to be a Capricorn mom. They can be seemingly cold and cruel, and never one to shy away from being stern and straightforward with her children as she is confident in her judgment and “knows best”.

As practical of a woman as she is, nothing pleases them more than something that shines as bright as their sense of responsibility (with 8 lab-grown diamonds!). Comes in 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold, or 18K white gold, be sure to find the perfect design that compliments their hearts of steel.

Aquarius as represented by Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”

Image Courtesy of​​ Maximum Film / Alamy Stock Photo / Disney

Having an Aquarius as a mom can be as fun as it sounds in theory. They’re creative, adventurous, and see possibilities in everything. Your childhood was most likely filled with unconventional tea parties with all of your mom’s imaginary friends/ stuffed animals. With their childlike demeanor, you may even occasionally find them enjoying all of these activities a little more than you did.

Being a child at heart, Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” is the epitome of an Aquarius - one does not simply construct a dreamy yet bizarre world in her head without a bit of ingenuity. Though landing the perfect gift for someone like her could be tough, they are known to be quite resourceful in their own way. Get her the Aquarius Necklace from the Design Lab this Mother’s Day, and she may surprise you with 10 other ways on how to style it right for the occasion. 

Pisces as represented by Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

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The biggest dreamer you could’ve ever met, all Pisces are naturally fueled by their unfulfilled hopes. Take Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” as an example, though highly motivated by her dreams, it is also the very existence of her dream that stops her from finding true happiness. 

Realistically speaking, having a Pisces as your mom doesn’t necessarily have to take such a dark turn, but you would remember telling her stories about your day in school which inevitably results in her crying tears of joy. Being the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is known to be the bearer of all emotions, and they are sentimental in all ways possible. You’ll know when she keeps the new Pisces Necklace you’re gifting her this Mother’s Day along with the pile of seashells you two collected together when you were 3.