However non-scientific this may sound, just like any other facial feature, your ear shape does partially give away your personality according to the Chinese face reading theory. According to The Future Rocks team’s extensive research, not only does it indicate your level of intelligence, it also shows whether you’re the sporty type or a thinker.

Yes, it does sound brief, and yes, we’re no experts on face reading. We may not be able to guide you on the right path in life, but we will definitely be able to recommend you the right type of earrings that works.

Square Ear

Not only are you intelligent and creative, you also strive to add value to the world around you. Sensitive in nature, you tend to empathise with people and their pain, which makes you the perfect listener and a good friend to have around. As good as a friend you are, you don’t let people in easily. You have a selective circle of friends that you attend to, thanks to the high standards you hold.

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Pointed Ear

The same qualities that make the pointy-eared elves so sharp and keen are also present in you. A keen observer and scrutinizer, you have an inherent ability to analyze the nature of a person or situation in order to determine their intent and consequences. Your perfectionist nature can make you a little hard to deal with in a relationship as you want everything to be exactly right; so much so that at times, you forget that neither you nor others can always be right.

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Narrow Ear

A narrow ear might indicate that you are a deep person. Not big on small talks, you might seem closed-off to most people. But that’s only the case when you’re with the wrong crowd. Whenever you’re with someone whom you share the same bandwidth with, you become a different person in an instant.

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Sticking-out Ear

As the name itself suggests, you tend to “stick out” in a crowd. A nonconformist in nature, you have different ideas about life as opposed to most people. Being different is always fun, you attract friends that appreciate your quirkiness, and you’re always fun to hang around with. However, you may also be more likely to be prone to loneliness as there aren’t many people who truly understand you.

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Round Ear

You possess the rarest of all human qualities in the modern era, loyal and sensitive. Undoubtedly the most important attributes that could easily qualify you as a perfect friend to have in life. You don’t, however, just take a bullet for your friends for nothing. Just like any double-edged sword, you tend to expect the same loyalty from your friends, and you take betrayal as deeply as you love.

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Attached Lobe

Not having a distinct earlobe may mean you are empathetic and understanding. While these are definitely some nice traits to have, you tend to be quite introverted and reserved, and that may leave you with very few friends. Traditionally speaking, having an attached lobe may not bring you the best fortune in the world of Chinese face reading. But hey, don’t forget there’s also the law of attraction, mind over matter right?

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Broad Ear

You tend to lead a laid back life and are rather easygoing in general. You also aren’t one to hold onto things and matters that don't require immediate attention do not stress you out. However fun and chilled you may be to hang around, this attitude of yours might put you in difficult situations which could have otherwise been avoided.

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