The term ‘quiet luxury’ has taken the world by storm. What does it mean? Well, it’s this idea that luxury doesn’t have to be so loud. You get a sense of luxury without all the world needing to know. A simple pair of jeans that cost more than ten others, a necklace with a small but mighty lab-grown diamond on it, or an iced latte that has fresh milk from free-range cows. All quiet luxury. While this term may be accompanied by others like 'gentle luxury', the idea is a simple, refined sense of fashion and lifestyle.

Enjoying what you have subtly, without everyone being in on it. The thing is though, luxury, like many things in life, can be subjective. After all, according to Google it means ‘the state of great comfort and extravagant living’. So here are five quiet luxuries you can enjoy daily, with or without the budget.

The Luxury of Time

Time is truly a luxury. As the days go by, it seems like there’s a never-ending list of things to do, commitments, and everyday busyness. If you find yourself nearly pulling out your hair due to loss of time, here are a few suggestions:

  • Schedule ahead some ‘me-time’. We all know ‘adulting’ often means scheduling time with friends and loved ones, but what if you planned ahead for yourself? A little retreat. A spa day. A walk in the park. Make it as fancy or simple as you want, but there’s nothing like the luxury of scheduled uninterrupted time.

  • Maximize your morning. Yes, this does require some self-discipline, but all genuine luxuries come at an expense! If you are willing to sleep a little earlier and wake a little earlier, then this one’s for you. Stretch, take a brisk walk around your neighborhood, or have a luxurious breakfast. You never know what you could do with all that extra time!

  • Timed quiet moments. Stillness and quiet is a luxury. Find a quiet location and make sure you have a timer with you. Time yourself for however long you would like and really revel in the stillness of it all. Do some reflection, meditation, and journaling – all moments of luxury in the hustle and bustle of life.

Put on conscious jewelry to sparkle in these moments:

The Luxury of Space

If you live in or have lived in a city, this is even more of a reality. Space is a luxury. The good news is that outdoor spaces and parks are free to roam. It’s all about taking the time to go and soak in all that free space.

Here are a few open spaces where you can go to freely roam:

  • Nature reserves and national parks. A picnic blanket, or even a scarf will do.

  • Intimate, private and less traveled beaches.

  • Museums and exhibition halls.

  • Malls that have access to outdoor gardens, and sitting spaces.

  • Promenades and waterfronts.

Don’t go out empty handed though, take these jewelry pieces with you:

The Luxury of Sleep

When you haven’t had enough sleep, you’ll know how much of a luxury it is. However, you don’t have to take our word for it,  sleep is essential to the body’s functioning and for heightened mental focus and alertness. So, in other words, it’s priceless.

Ideas for getting better sleep:

  • Set a sleep alarm or alert for your bedtime. A tip would be to set up two alarms. One an hour or two in advance as a reminder that your bedtime is coming up soon, and another a few minutes before. Or invest in a sleep tracker app.

  • Invest in quality bedding. Silk pillows, good mattresses, comfortable sheets, all these can help the process of getting to bed. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, just change your pillow/ pillow case, it could do wonders!

  • Have a quick night routine. Building long, intensive routines can be taxing, but if you have a quick routine right before bed, that should do it. You could even call it a ritual to remind your body that it’s time to rest.

The Luxury of Health

We might not all be able to access world-class health serums or top-grade medical care, but we can all be a little more mindful every day to maintain good health.

Here are a few tips for everyday health:

  • Implement organic items into everyday use. An organic soap, shampoo, body lotion, or other such items.

  • Intentionally eat fruit and vegetables every day - yes, we all know this, but the goal is to remind ourselves of the quiet luxuries we have access to. Making sure we keep to it, is another thing altogether.

  • Make sure you’re moving – practice taking walks when places you want to go to are within walking distance. Find an active hobby, running, rock climbing, playing sports, or swimming.

  • Wear items that make you feel good, like jewelry. Jewelry, among many other things, can lift up your mood. Being happy is good for your overall health too!

While you invest in what’s good for you, why not accessorize with what’s good for the planet?

The Luxury of Continuous Learning

It may sound strange to include ‘learning’ as a luxury, but if we’re honest, it is one. The more we learn, the more opportunities and experiences we have in life. And interestingly enough there are many everyday opportunities for lifelong learning.

Here are a few ways to keep learning:

  • Listening to informative and educational podcasts.

  • Using a language-learning app to learn a new language.

  • Taking a short online course.

  • Going for that additional degree.

  • Reading articles/journals daily.

Whatever way you choose to keep learning, remember that every new piece of information is a form of quiet luxury.

Here are a few more jewelry pieces that whisper: ‘quiet luxury’.