1) Jewelry is an expression of who you are.

Wear jewelry to express yourself and share your unique sense of style with the world. Our declaration is 'vanity with a conscience', express yourself stylishly while wearing jewelry that considers the planet.

2) Jewelry is a reflection of culture, heritage and family.

With Lunar New Year coming up – for those around the world celebrating, including those in China, Japan and Korea – there’s that sense of lineage and history you can reflect through your jewelry.

3) Jewelry is a new beginning.

Wear jewelry to remind yourself of new things happening or yet to come.

4) Jewelry is a statement of love.

Got a jewelry piece as a gift? Why not wear it out more? Wearing the gift someone got you is an expression of your love for the person and appreciation of the gift.

5) Jewelry is representation.

February is Black History Month for those in the U.S, which represents a subculture, a history and a people. Likewise, jewelry represents subcultures, and people groups around the world, including the indigenous people of the Americas, and Australia.

6) Jewelry is a way to communicate.

This is your time to shine. Sometimes you need to tell the world to back off, or say to the world, here I am.

7) Jewelry can make someone smile.

Hey, in this life, it’s not all about us. Sometimes, what we wear is a way to make others happy.

8) Jewelry can inspire.

Ever seen someone’s jewelry and felt like you related? This is a way to express yourself and your truth, which then can connect to other people and inspire them to do the same.

9) Jewelry is a statement of love.

Got a jewelry piece as a gift? Why not wear it our more? Wearing the jewelry piece someone got you is an expression of your love for the person and appreciation of the gift.

To wear jewelry is a statement of love

10) Jewelry can make you smile.

Whether our own, or someone else's, sometimes jewelry just lights us up. With the glimmer and light reflecting on our face, sometimes literally. Go ahead, try it!

11) Jewelry marks milestones.

Wedding anniversary? BirthdayFriendship bracelet? Wear your jewelry to remember these special occasions or connections.

12) Jewelry adds a sense of mystery.

Put on some unique one-of-a-kind jewelry and take on the streets. Dazzle them with how it can stand out.

13) Jewelry can make someone laugh.

Some jewelry pieces are just different, but only in the best way. They can ring some laughter.

14) Jewelry can educate.

Sometimes you see jewelry and are curious about how a piece of jewelry was made, then you go down the rabbit hole to find out that they are conscience, lab-grown jewelry. A must-have.

15) Jewelry can be a way to make a new connection.

Great friendships can be born out of a genuine compliment on jewelry, outfits, and whole ensembles.

16) Jewelry can be a soothing balm.

Ever twirled your ring? Played with your necklace? Jewelry can help to ease anxiety and be a source of comfort.

17) Jewelry can introduce you to new things.

You’re looking for jewelry that’s good for the planet and you find out there’s an exhibition on sustainable jewelry, boom, you’re introduced to lots of new things!

18) Jewelry is fashion.

You know what they say - we gotta slay!

19) Jewelry adds depth to your outfit.

If you’re trying to go the extra mile with your styling and outfit, add a piece of fine jewelry to it – you won’t look back.

20) Jewelry can be a conversation starter.

Asking someone where they got their earrings to find out it was that time they visited the amazon and they saved a piece of string, which they then got handmade into a form of jewelry – well, that’s a conversation.

21) Jewelry lets you shine.

Be a light, shine bright. You’ll smile a lot more because you’re wearing jewelry that makes you happy.

22) Jewelry can be a way to give back to the world.

If you wear jewelry that is made from environmentally friendly sources and does not use hard labor to produce the diamonds, that’s a way to give back to the world.

23) Jewelry can share a specific story.

When you get a personalized pendant or engraved jewelry, you can mark a specific day on it, or a name, to represent something special.

24) Jewelry is a way to express art.

Jewelry is art. Whenever you want to be in an art gallery and wear art wherever you go, jewelry is the option for you!

25) Jewelry can be a beacon of light on a dreary day.

We never know at times how the weather will shift, but jewelry is pretty timeless.

26) Jewelry speaks to the soul.

Jewelry is a language of its own at times, and it can communicate confidence, hope, and joy.

27) Jewelry represents emotions.

It can also communicate whatever it is that you are feeling on a particular day.

28) Jewelry holds meaning.

There are countless religious, cultural, and superstitious meanings and memories associated with jewelry.

29) Why not? Be free.

There are too many restrictions in our lives for you not to just go for it.