Necklace Size Guide

Necklace Size Chart

Whether you're on a quest to find your perfect necklace fit or looking to surprise someone with a thoughtful gift, our necklace size guide is here to point you in the right direction. In this guide, we will explore how to measure and determine the ideal necklace chain length for any occasion.

Chain Type Chain Length (inches)
Choker chain 14
Short chain 16
Medium chain 18
Long chain 20

    A 14-inch chain is typically a choker length, perfect for a trendy and close-fitting style. A 16 to 18-inch chain falls around the collarbone, offering versatility for everyday wear. Longer chains, such as 20 inches or more, create an elegant and dramatic effect for special occasions or layering purposes.

    Here are the standard necklace lengths:

    Necklace lengths - Choker chain - 14 inches

    Choker chain

    14 inches

    Necklace lengths - Short chain - 16 inches

    Short chain

    16 inches

    Chain lengths - Medium chain - 18 inches

    Medium chain

    18 inches

    Chain lengths - Long chain - 20 inches

    Long chain

    20 inches

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    How to measure your necklace length

    Finding the right necklace length is essential in achieving your desired look. The circumference of your neck and the size of the pendant will impact how the necklace sits both on its own and when layered with other styles.

    Follow these steps to determine your ideal necklace and pendant length:

    1. Use a piece of string to measure and cut it to the same length as the necklace you're considering.
    2. Place the string around your neck to see where it falls. Finding the right balance is crucial, especially when layering necklaces. Take into account the size and shape of the pendant you plan to wear.
    3. Use a tape measure or a piece of string to measure the distance from the desired starting point to the desired endpoint of the necklace. Make sure the tape or string is held taut but not too tight.

    What to consider when deciding on the right necklace length

    There are several factors to consider:

    Neck Size:

    Consider the circumference and size of your neck. A shorter chain length may be more suitable for those with smaller necks, while a longer chain can complement a larger neck size.

    Neckline and Style:

    Take into account the neckline and style of the clothing you'll be wearing with the necklace. Different chain lengths pair better with specific necklines, such as shorter chains for low-cut tops and longer chains for high-neck or scoop-neck outfits.

    Pendant or Charm Size:

    If you plan to wear a pendant or charm with your necklace, consider its size. A longer chain length may be necessary to ensure the pendant hangs at the desired position without being too close to the neckline.

    Personal Preference:

    Ultimately, choose a chain length that aligns with your personal style and comfort. Try on different lengths or use a necklace length chart to get a visual representation and determine which length feels most flattering and reflects your individual taste.

    Layering Potential:

    If you intend to layer necklaces, consider how the chain length of one necklace will interact with others. Opt for varying chain lengths to create a stylish and layered look without tangling or overlapping excessively.

    You're all set

    Ready to find the perfect necklace with the desired length? Explore our collection of stunning necklaces and discover the one that matches your style and preference. Shop now to elevate your jewelry collection.