As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we haven’t forgotten those of you who would rather have a Galentine’s Day. While it is associated with the ‘gals’ - or close friends you can’t live without - Galentine’s Day can also be about treating yourself. Over the years, Valentine’s Day has expanded from being just about romantic love to showing love to everyone.

We’re here to continue that trajectory, encouraging gifting your close friends and gifting yourself. When you want to give your friends and yourself a Valentine’s treat, try these essentials:


For a personal touch, going for Design Lab’s Alphabet LGD Pendant Necklace (A-Z) is an excellent choice. A lovely gift for someone who would really appreciate the first letter of their name glittered with diamonds.


For when you need a little elegance with style, try Rêver’s Circle Degrade Hoop Earrings. A line of three lab-grown diamonds set upon recycled 18K gold , the minimalist style catches the light with every move.


A stunning everyday wear jewelry piece, this The Future Rocks x Lightbox collaboration is a delight. Experience moments of joy and excitement as you dazzle with a light and purposeful jewelry piece.


A modern classic, the Sempre ring, named after the word for "always" in Portuguese, is made with a marquise and pear-shaped lab-grown diamond tied beautifully by a 14k recycled gold cuff-style ring.


Referring to the core that holds together our solar system and brings light and warmth, the Solaris pendant emanates the energy of the sun. It serves as an amulet of strength and a reminder that like the sun, you too, do not need permission to shine.


The Eternity Pink Enamel Diamond Huggies are the perfect everyday earrings. Made with enamel, powerful in pink with 18K recycled gold and 0.2ct of sparkling lab-grown diamonds.

If you have more than one piercing combine them with the Eternity hoop earrings or studs for a contemporary look. They are available single or as a pair allowing you to mix and match.


A twinkling piece that makes a subtle statement, the Little Stars earring features two lab-grown diamonds on a 18k gold rim, expertly crafted in Italy. Let it remind you of the spark of life and love every single day.