On Saya:  1. Solaris necklace  2. Orbit necklace, and 3. Basic bangle

For all its loved-up intentions, Valentine’s Day has garnered some not-so-lovable PR in recent years, with many conscious champions calling for a more earth-friendly approach to the holiday. For instance, opting for a gift from our made-to-order model ensures that no piece goes to waste and that each one is made just for you. Read on for more suggestions on giving a shoutout to love in a more environmentally-friendly way, without compromising on the fun.

Sustainable Valentine

Above:  Orbit necklace

Faux or Fleurs

We all love a freshly cut bouquet to brighten up our dining room table, but it’s a fact well documented that they are not the most sustainable of gifts, given their short shelf life, and not to mention the thousands of miles the blooms flew just to make it into the bundle. Instead, opt for the plethora of alternatives at your disposal. From convincing faux fleurs to preserved posies to even plants like the vermillion, heart-shaped Laceleaf, there are many ways to get a bigger bang for your buck—or, in this case, a bouquet. Better yet, give this Wild Flower pendant necklace handmade in Germany by Maren Jewellery using recycled gold—it’ll certainly never wilt nor go out of style.

Sustainable Valentine

Collect Experience

Skip the paper card (which, let’s be honest, will be shoved into a dark drawer), and ditch the wrapping paper. Make the day special by creating memories with an experience you’ll both remember for years to come. Perhaps it’s a private wine-tasting evening or a candle-lit DIY picnic in your living room. Sometimes the gifts you treasure most are ephemeral.

Sustainable Valentine

From left to right:  1. Octavia stud earrings  2. Drops of memories ring

Good Gems


Nevertheless, the exchange of gifts is a time-honored tradition, and a little sparkly something in a box is always appreciated. However, you can still do your part for Mother Earth by selecting jewelry that leaves a smaller footprint. Our pieces are all made-to-order, which means demand dictates the quantity that is made, and there will be no excess. Opt for one of our dazzling lab-grown diamonds from the likes of Spanish label Rêver, a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, and French label Loyal.E Paris. Lab-grown diamonds give you the sparkle, and they’re more wallet-friendly!




Choose Local


However, you'd like to share the day with your loved ones. One of the surest ways to cut carbon footprint is to buy locally. Find artisans in your vicinity to support florists who only source from nearby farms. When it comes to jewelry gifts, you can choose from one of our many designers hailing from Japan, like Terra, that adheres to our criteria of sustainable workmanship.

Need a little more inspiration? Some of our chic friends will share how they honor to love on Valentine’s Day and every day to their partners, Mother Earth, and themselves.