If the myriad of baubles and the twinkle of tinsel hasn’t tipped you off, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” But beyond brightening your living room with lights and merrymaking, most importantly, ‘tis the season to brighten up the lives of your loved ones, to illuminate their accomplishments this year, and show some appreciation for the light they also brought to your life. 

After some well-deserved self-pampering via our Self-Love Gift Guide, it’s time to direct some of that love to your loved ones with our gentle sparklers for the earth and the soul. With these tiny treasures and grand gestures, have yourself a merry little Christmas, and let your and your loved ones’ hearts be light.

Small Surprises x Gifts under $500

for those looking to show gratitude

Gratitude is a notion that feeds both the giver and the receiver, and these glimmering trinkets are for those looking for a sweet and subtle way to say ‘Thank You,’ be it to your closest work colleague who stuck by you through a trying year or a friend whose shoulder you leaned on. Better yet? These pieces also show gratitude to our earth. From the Orbit necklace by Hikari to the Chevron diamond earrings by London-based brand Monarc by former model Ella Drake which uses 100 percent traceable and recycled materials, these pieces under $500 are recognized for being a guiding light in your year.

Generous Gestures x Gifts between $500-$1000

for those who want to say, "You deserve the best" to the discerning connoisseur

As the year passes, the most remembered gifts are those charged with meaning, and few items hold more sentimental significance than jewelry. For instance, Criollas V earrings by Spanish label Rêver—a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council known for objet d'art pieces at the intersection of art, fashion, and design. They tell the receiver that they, too, are works of art worthy of recognition and deserve a reminder of it every time they look in the mirror. Or how about the pink lab-grown diamond necklace by Prmal, founded by historic Japanese jewelers committed to donating sales to 1% for the Planet. These mindfully designed pieces, perfect for the best friend with discerning tastes who should be reminded of their dazzling influence, send the message: "You matter to me."

Treasured Tokens x Gifts between $1000 - $3000

for those looking to spoil a loved one on a milestone


Nothing shows how much you care, quite like a personalized present. These initial medallion necklaces by Juuls & Karats—a small Antwerp atelier using lab-grown diamonds—would impress a close pal celebrating a milestone. Perhaps your sister just had a baby whose name you’d like to emblazon on a bracelet? Or maybe your niece just landed her first job out of college. Significant moments deserve to be memorialized. These remarkable sparklers like the Celestial ring by Matilde, a women-led label using 100 percent recycled materials, are meant to say “Congratulations” and will give them boosts of confidence as they are reminded of their achievements for years to come.

Magnificent Moments x Gifts above $3000

for those who want to shower a special someone with their affection

“I love you” is a grand statement deserving of an equally grand gesture. Recommit to your partner after an annum of highs and lows with an empowering and symbolic piece by Swiss label The Rayy—which uses responsibly-sourced gold and cutting-edge light technology to create hidden messages in jewelry. These sustainable and sparkling show-stoppers are sure to get your boldest emotions across.