As covered early on in another journal, one's ear shape could be an indication of particular human behavior and personality - refresh your memory. Building on the series, we are moving on from facial features to some other body parts that may also reveal our deepest secrets unknowingly - fingers.

Fingers are remarkably useful for gaining insight into a person's character and predicting his or her behavior under certain situations. It even predicts future career and marriage prospects. As far as finger astrology is concerned, different types of fingers and their associated shapes and lengths are often taken into consideration.

Index Finger

Index finger length personality

The index finger is usually smaller than the ring finger in most people, and this kind of person never hesitates to help out others in need. Two sides of the same coin, a helpful nature could also mean you tend to place other people’s needs before yours. While busy taking up the role of a carer, this type of person may tend to diminish their own selves and have trouble expressing their true feelings and thoughts.


If, it happens that you’re not one of these people, don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cold-blooded. Though rare, if your index finger happens to be longer than the ring finger, it could mean that you are dominating, and are more likely to be working at a superior position. A natural leader, you are used to responsibility and often hold high standards for yourself and those around you.

Remedies for Shorter Index Finger


It’s a virtue to be attentive to other people’s needs, but keeping a fierce and beautiful reminder on your finger can also do no wrong. Just because you deserve an equal amount of attention as anyone else.

Remedies for Longer Index Finger


Keep a constant reminder on your index finger, so you stay grounded in your beliefs and follow the intuition found within.

Middle Finger

Middle finger length personality

Research papers suggest the “best” length for a middle finger is 9cm, not only does it indicate righteousness, but that person would also continue to progress in life. However, if the person's middle finger is longer than 9cm, his or her life is more likely to be riddled with dangers, risks, and failures. Furthermore, a longer middle finger is usually found on someone who takes the law gravely. Though often labeled as boring, they take everything seriously and are relatively more reliable.


Whereas someone with a shorter middle finger indicates the opposite of the former - he or she is more likely an individualist who marches to the beat of their own drum. Alternative career paths often work out better for this type of person. Furthermore, greediness and anxiety are associated with those with a fat and fluffy middle finger.

Remedies for Shorter Middle Finger


While it's important to march to the beat of your own drum, do bear in mind there's nothing wrong about conforming to the norm and appreciating the simpler things in life.

Remedies for Longer Middle Finger


Rules are certainly there for a reason, but only by breaking them, you see the beauty in the alternate shapes and forms in life.

Ring Finger

Ring finger length personality

An individual's ring finger may indicate their affinity for the arts, crafts, and beauty. For example, if the size of your ring finger equals your middle finger, pursuing a career in the musical or acting field could be ideal.


A longer ring finger may also indicate a charming personality, the truth is, such is their prowess that they are able to talk themselves out of any situation and walk away unscathed! There is also no doubt that they captivate people and have people follow them wherever they go. It also seems that they are quite the risk takers, and are seemingly good at solving problems.

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Little Finger

Little finger length personality

For those who aren't familiar with astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication, information, travel, and technology. Being ruled by Mercury, our little finger earned its title as the finger of Mercury, which indicates one's communication skills.


A person whose little finger reaches above the first phalanx of the ring finger is believed to have strong business sense and good communication skills. While the opposite may indicate a problem in communicating more profound thoughts and cracking business deals. In extreme cases, financial losses and even debts may occur.

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Thumb length personality

Being the main authority or head, the thumb is considered to be the most important feature of one’s hand. It indicates multiple key personality traits, including but not limited to one’s open-mindedness - judging from the flexibility of the thumb, a stiff thumb suggests rigidity or arrogance, and vice versa. Furthermore, when the thumb sits at a wide angle from the hand, it may show independence and self-reliance, while the opposite indicates a more dependent personality.


If you’re blessed with a long thumb, congratulations! You are more likely to experience great professional and academic success, and are more popular in schools and workplaces. However, don’t lose hope just yet if you’re not as fortunate, you may just be an underdog that not many people pay attention to, but shall still be able to achieve great success through hard work.

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