What is sustainable jewelry?

Jewelry designers around the world continue to make new strides in the realms of the best sustainable practices, some of these include a consciously led supply chain, the use of recycled diamonds, metal scraps, fair trade practices or other forms of repurposed materials. Additionally, reselling vintage jewelry or the use of eco-friendly packaging are also some of the sustainable practices individuals strive to be more mindful of the planet.

As a community that consists of creators, designers, and entrepreneurs that are paving the way for sustainable elegance, we've picked a few that belong in your jewelry collection.

​​Wave Ring by sustainable jewelry brand Maren
​​Wave Ring by Maren

Invest in timeless, high-quality designs

This premise of investing in quality, timeless fashion jewelry, is one of the more sustainable measures that can be practised by both jewelry brands and consumers. That's why it's worth looking out for designers that forgo trend-based fast fashion in favor of classic styles that never date. Not only will these pieces see you through decades to come, but they can also be passed down to future generations. Of course, quality is essential too - by investing in pieces that emphasise the use of durable materials, such as solid gold, lab-grown diamonds, and precious stones, you can ensure a lifetime guarantee.

The use of recycled metals

One trait that is synonymous with sustainable jewelry is the use of recycled materials such as recycled gold, recycled sterling silver, and more.

Jewelry designs that use recycled metals are not in any way scrimping on quality, as fine metals that come from recycled sources are exactly the same as newly mined metals, so you don't have to worry about making a compromise.

Spanish label Mimoke, one of the first high-end sustainable jewellers in the South of Europe, handcrafts sustainable and timeless high-end jewelry pieces with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. Backed by scientific innovation, their offerings meet the highest standard in both sustainability certifications and diamond quality.

Jewelry that gives back

One way that labels can be more sustainable is by supporting other causes. At The Future Rocks, a lot of the jewellers are also believers in giving back. One of them being Maren Jewellery, they donate 3% of profits from each design to environmental organization, Earthbeat, offseting carbon emissions.

Jewelry with sustainability certifications

One way to ensure the sustainability of jewelry pieces is to look for jewelry certifications. Among which, the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) is considered the world's leading standard for sustainable jewelry. It outlines points such as the rights of employees, the health and safety of local communities, and the implementation of responsible supply chains as part of its code of practice. Jewelry designers such as RÊVER and Scéona, are proud members of RJC.

Discover Sustainable Jewelry Designers


1. Mimoke

Mimoke handcrafts sustainable and timeless high-end jewelry pieces with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. For modern women who want to contribute a positive impact on the world, without compromising style or quality.


2. Maren Jewellery

Maren Jewellery celebrates the ethos of “a mindful love” by ensuring they are crafted during a process rooted in eco-conscious thoughtfulness, using only recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds. The label has been recognized for its sustainability efforts – awarded by the German Design Awards 2022 for outstanding design quality in the Excellent Product Design – Eco Design category.



RÊVER was born from a love of art, fashion, and design – and a commitment to celebrate these passions while showing responsibility and respect to people and the planet. A member of the RJC, the jeweller offers full transparency and shows a serious commitment to its ethical and environmental codes at every stage of its production process, from raw materials to delivery. Each design is formed using responsibly sourced materials.


4. Matilde

Founded by Portuguese-born, London-based Matilde Faria Mourinho Felix, Matilde is a woman-led jeweler created for women. Taking inspiration from Matilde’s home country of Portugal and fusing it with her love of nature, astronomy, and mythology, each organic form embraces a perfectly imperfect aesthetic and is made using 100% recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.


5. Loyal.e Paris

Loyal.e Paris founder Maïssa set out to place authenticity, responsibility, and inclusivity at the forefront of decision-making. The label also believes in being "Loyal.e to yourself" – encouraging its fanbase to invest in unique lab-grown diamond creations on their own. Maïssa celebrates gender-free styles that make a statement regarding design, further underpinning the label's liberated, convention-breaking ethos.


6. Hikari

Combining ambition, technology, and a dash of romance inevitably leads one to ponder the mysteries of the universe. Mystical in its vast unknown and aspirational in human’s never-ending endeavor to discover more, the Celestial Bodies collection highlights this juxtaposition in a dazzling array of sustainable jewelry.


7. Loev

Inspired by the glamour of vintage jewels and admiration for bolder silhouettes, Loev's house style explores past and present and enjoys challenging notions of femininity and masculinity in their unisex collections – a nod to modern icons of empowerment.


8. Inbilico

Italian for ‘in the balance’, from design and production to packaging, balance is at the core of Inbilico's philosophy. Using only lab-grown diamonds for their designs, INBILICO is putting people and the planet first through its unwavering commitment to sustainability.


9. Monarc

A fusion of craftsmanship, fair practices, and contemporary yet timeless design, Monarc epitomizes the future of jewelry. Founded by New Zealand-born former model Ella Drake, the London-based designer combines her education from GIA with the time-honored talents of her team of master goldsmiths, who expertly craft each piece.


10. Alondra

Alondra is a London-based jewelry brand founded by Laura Chavez. The label is the sister jewelry line to Lark & Berry, and the name Alondra means “Lark” in Spanish. The range was born from the desire to offer modern customers jewelry that is as accessible as it is luxury. The result is contemporary yet edgy pieces underpinned by a playful spirit, which aligns harmoniously with Chavez’s philosophy to embrace a life filled with fun.