As the weather shifts from summer to fall, so do our routines (and outfits). Now it's time to settle into a balance of work and rest. Along with that comes what we usually do during the dip into fall. 1) Transition our fashion to align with the cooler weather. 2) Drink warm beverages as the chills increase. 3) Move in a different lane, whether for school or work. 4) Settle into the different rhythms we start as we edge closer to the end of the year.

There might be a lot on your mind as the days go on, so here’s one less thing to think about. At The Future Rocks, we have put together five quality time, calming activities you can do by yourself or with a few friends for some self-care. But that’s not all, we’ve also got some fall outfit ideas for further inspiration. 

Taking a walk in a park or nature reserve

Fall outfit ideas - Taking a walk in a park or nature reserve

A way to breathe and take in the changing weather. There’s always something new to see on a walk! If you live near changing leaves and beautiful scenery, even more reason to find yourself going out for an idyllic stroll wherever you feel best to do so.

If you’re wondering what jewelry to take along with you, we’ve got you covered on that too.

OOTD: A flannel top with warm autumn colors.

Attending musical or theatrical performances

Fall outfit ideas - attending musical or theatrical performances

Sometimes a classical music performance is all you need to really relax. This is where being present and fully aware is possible with an enjoyable experience. For such an engaging event, it’s good to be supported with an ensemble of an outfit.

What to see?


When in the USA

The classics of Wicked and The Lion King are always a great viewing in NYC, but if you’re looking for classical music, check out Bosa Nova: The Greatest Night in Carnegie Hall. Showing OCT 8, 2023.

When in Japan: 

Attend a classic ballet with flair and vitality, Don Quixote by Cervantes. Showing OCT 20-29, 2023.

When in S. Korea: 

A unique show of movement accompanied by intentional theatrical music, CORPS EXTRÊMS* will perform in Seoul Performing Arts Festival. Showing OCT 6-7, 2023.

*If you miss it in South Korea, they will be in NYC from OCT 27-29 2023.

When in France: 

For something that might touch your heart try a classical orchestra of Vivaldi Four Seasons Mozarts ‘A Little Night Music’ SEP 29, 2023. Then there’s the oldest symphony orchestra in France, Orchester Pasdeloup performing OCT 15, 2023.

OOTD: A little black dress, or a smart-casual suit. Heels, if you want.

Visiting a museum

Fall outfit ideas - person at the museum painting

Trips to the museum can be an exploration of culture, life, and art. Take some time to reflect and move a little slower in the world. With that, you’ll experience new moments that will inspire and enlighten you.

Where to go?


When in the USA: Explore the world-renowned Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and/or NYC’s insightful Metropolitan Museum of Art.

When in Japan: Take a visual stroll through Adachi Museum of Art, and/or for a more bespoke trip head to Teshima Art Museum on Teshima island.

When in Korea: Visit the National Folk Museum of Korea and/or the Kimchi museum and maybe make your own iconic pickled dish.

When in France: We all know the major one, Louvre, but on your way there, perhaps stop over at the Atelier des Lumières to explore stunning light exhibitions and Musée Nissim de Camondo for vintage galore. 

OOTD: Top-notch jeans with a crisp shirt. 

Trying a new café or coffee shop in your area

Fall outfit ideas - Trying a new café or coffee shop in your area

For those days when you just need a little ‘getaway, without really getting away. A new café, especially one with fantastical or Instagrammable designs, may just be what you need to relax and release all your troubles. Dive into a book you’ve been wanting to read, spend some time journaling, or watch funny videos on your phone. Whatever makes you feel most alive! 

Which café to try?

If you’re not sure where to go and you’re near these spots, check them out. We’ve split them up for you to choose between peaceful vibes, a fun escape, a unique wonder, or all! 

When in the USA: 

Peaceful - For a sustainable space that makes you feel calm due to plants and intentional dècor, check out Sey coffee. 

Fun - Muchacho mixes well loved Mexican food (tacos!) and coffee, and it might just make you come alive with it’s festive design. 

Unique - Sip your beverage of choice at Dancing goats coffee with lots of space to stretch your legs.  

When in Japan: 

Peaceful - Away from the buzzing busyness of Tokyo find Engawa cafe a dreamy country-side escape. 

Fun - There are countless fun-themed cafes in Japan to name a few, explore Peanuts, Pokemon,  Peter Rabbit and grab a good cup of coffee.  

Unique - If you’re in the heart of Tokyo, take a break under the leaves of a beautiful tree at Les Grande Arbres

When in S. Korea: 

Peaceful - Grandpa Cafe might be the space you’ve been looking for to rest and relax as the stunning multi-floor cafe houses spaces to simply be still.
Fun - Take a look at this distinctive and fun 2D themed, Greem cafe.  
Unique - For a spot that stands out with it’s unique features give Coffee Nap Roasters a try. 

When in France: 

Peaceful - For a quaint and quiet cafe, try out The Caféothèque of Paris

Fun - A bistro with Teddy Bears to greet you, when you need something a little different, check out Le Choupinet.

UniqueLa Fontaine de Belleville’s pop of color and old-fashioned styling make it a beautiful unique French café.

OOTD: Something comfortable, cotton tops and loose pants.

Taking a boat ride or just being by the water*

Fall outfit ideas - Taking a boat ride or just being by the water

Jump onto a boat and sail away in freedom, it’s time to see what is ahead of you! Whether a luxurious yacht or a tour boat, when you’re out on the water there’s an opportunity to simply be, watching the water, feeling free, experiencing all that is ahead of you.

*If you have motion sickness, we haven’t forgotten you, you can also walk alongside a pier with a gorgeous waterfront view and have a look ahead at the vast waters beyond.

OOTD: A hat with a flowy dress or dress pants with a casual shirt.