For the past few months, we have been looking in-depth at key cuts that make some of the world's most dazzling diamonds. This month, for the series finale we're looking at Marquise cut diamonds.

What is a marquise cut

Remember the whole duck lips phase? That was an ancient time. We know at the turn of every age there has been a particular kind of lip shape considered most desirable. However, when King Louis XV of France saw Marquise de Pompadour's lips, it was sold for him. He would make her lips into a diamond shape – pretty remarkable, right? His mistresses' lips became the iconic marquise-cut diamonds we know today. They also go by the "navette" cut though, meaning "little boat" in French.

So the marquise-cut diamond has a royal and romantic history, and the shape itself is a unique, sharp oval shape. Sounds like history, but its popularity actually would then stand the test of time. 

For example, Marquise-cut diamonds have graced Hollywood red carpets for decades. They have adorned the fingers of glamorous celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Zeta-Jones, completing their classic looks of elegance and sophistication. Today they adorn the likes of Victoria Beckham and actress Naomi Watts.

A model holding a marquise cut diamond necklace on her hands

Symmetry and Elongated shapes

The marquise cut is renowned for its symmetrical diamond shape. It features pointed ends and gently curving sides that meet in the middle. The balance and symmetry of a well-cut marquise diamond add to its overall beauty.

Both ends mirror the pear-cut diamond as they boast a beautiful teardrop-like shape, featuring a pointed end and a rounded base. Finally, the marquise cut has a pointed oval shape with elongated ends that gracefully taper to a point in the middle. All three shapes are elongated, which makes them appear larger than their carat weight.

A model wearing marquise cut diamond drop earrings

Illusion Effects

Similar to other diamonds like the pear cut diamond, the marquise cut's elongated shape has a slimming effect on the finger when worn as a marquise diamond engagement ring. The diamond's length can make the wearer's finger appear longer and more slender, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, its unique silhouette creates a perception of a larger size (up to 15% larger than a round diamond of equivalent carat weight), making it a popular choice for jewelry enthusiasts seeking a visually striking and impactful diamond option.

As we explored with the pear-cut diamond, Bow ties refer to a visual effect that occurs when light interacts with the facets of the marquise diamond. It creates a dark or shadowy area in the center of the stone, resembling the shape of a "bow-tie". This effect is more prominent in elongated fancy shapes like the marquise cut.

Versatile Styles

Marquise-shaped diamonds are versatile when it comes to jewelry styles. They can be set horizontally (east-west) or vertically (north-south), allowing for various design possibilities. If you're drawn to a classic and timeless style, a classic solitaire ring in yellow gold is your perfect choice as it puts the spotlight on the s marquise-cut diamond. Marquise diamonds are also often featured in a halo setting or as accent stones in combination with other diamond cuts. Its form also allows for creative designs, such as delicate floral motifs or intricate vine-inspired patterns.

A Contemporary Twist

For those seeking a more modern and unique twist, our Twister ring is an excellent option. This captivating design features strands of recycled gold that elegantly twirl around a 0.5-carat lab-grown marquise-cut diamond, adding a touch of dynamic movement with flair. It looks striking worn solo or stacked with other favorites.

The 4Cs

When considering the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) for a marquise engagement ring, a good clarity grade (SI1 or higher) is recommended for optimal clarity that is not easily noticeable to the naked eye. As for color grades, choosing a color of H or higher helps the diamond appear colorless. Keeping these factors in mind can help you find a marquise-cut diamond with a visually appealing appearance.

The Right Proportion

Finding the right proportion for a marquise-cut diamond is essential for maximizing its beauty and brilliance. While personal preference plays a significant role, there are some general guidelines to consider when assessing the cut quality of a marquise-cut diamond. For the overall right size and more details on choosing the right diamond for you - take a look at our diamond size guide.