This year:

As we step into each new year, we reflect on the new things we will experience and how we will evolve. Also, the phrase 'New Year, New Me' rings true for many of us. Resolutions, goals, and shifts will take place this year. The question we would like to ask then is: What about your accessories? Are you doing the same thing or stepping out with a new sense of self?

If you love jewelry and are drawn to protecting the planet, we would like to encourage you to express yourself freely while caring for our planet’s future. In other words, vanity with a conscience. As you do, these lab-grown diamond jewelry pieces can accompany you with the moves  you make this new year.

You’re leveling up, business wise.

New Year New Jewelry

For the “Boss” stepping into new deals and opportunities. We hope this new year, the Chinese Year of the Dragon, will be the year you level up and reach new heights in your business.

Why not grab this power statement piece to express what you’re up to?

You’re throwing your hat in the ring.

New Year New Jewelry

For the “Winner” hoping to get a major win this year. Whether it’s a lucky draw, a competition, or a personal win, we’re rooting for you! Reach for the things you never knew you could reach for.

Here’s a winner’s jewelry piece for you to strut with:

You’re adding love and light into the world.

New Year New Jewelry

For the “Change-maker” hoping to make the world a little better. We admire your heart for the planet and the people living in it. Remember to take care of yourself as you tend to the world’s cares.

When you want to give yourself a gift:

You’re pushing the needle forward.

New Year New Jewelry

For the “Innovator” stepping out with a new idea in your heart. We need you! We can always improve, and new concepts can be built up, there are new things to uncover. Let’s keep discovering new things!

To express that innovative side of you:

You’re creating something beautiful.

New Year New Jewelry

For the “Designer” creating new beautiful things and building new systems to help things run smoother. Whether you’re trying to express a concept, or you’re just in the creative process, there’s much to create.

Something to wear while creating something new: