While there need not be a special occasion to celebrate love and relationship, we never shy away from the opportunity to shine a spotlight on it.


We highlight our muses and models as the world is reminded of “Love is love” and to embrace relationships no matter how each person identifies. Power couple Anania Orgeas (sister of Gaia Orgeas, whom we featured for Mother’s Day) and Kennah Lau let us in on their passionate bond and an intimate look into their relationship. They share how fashion has played a role in expressing their identities and how everyday gestures are a universal love language that helps fulfill their newfound relationship.

Anania and Kennah for The Future Rocks

Before Anania and Kennah met and became the highly sought-after models for Balenciaga they are today, both ladies admit to being somewhat lost in their ideals of a relationship. “We were both cautious at first because we were both coming out of long relationships,” says Anania, who split from her boyfriend of five years and was working on her communication agency at the time. 

Kennah had just exited a six-year relationship, splitting her time between New York City and Paris. Then, like many modern love stories, cupid struck in the form of an Instagram relationship. The two chatted via DMs, having shared a mutual friend (Anania’s sister Gaia), and when Anania finally met at Kennah’s Airbnb in Paris for work, let’s just say she never left. “I guess it was something like love at first sight,” coos Kennah.

Since then, their affections have grown more profound and public, allowing them to freely express their identities. “Being in a relationship with Anania is considerably more public than my relationships before, so my identity as a queer person feels freer in that sense,” says Kennah. Anania concurs, sharing that Kennah allows her to show any and all sides of her nonbinary self: “I am more confident and feel good in my body. I can be masculine or feminine if I want; being with her changed how I see myself.”

Kennah's Choice

Anania and Kennah for The Future Rocks

As the less verbose one of the two, Kennah learned how to voice her emotions from her partner. “I appreciate that Anania takes the time to tell me how much she loves me, how she feels about us, and shares her joys and fears very freely,” she says. On the other hand, Anania notices all the non-verbal acts of love Kennah shows daily. “She’s a giver and a very caring person. I feel at home when I look at her. I actually told her this last night in bed. I said: ‘When I look at you, I feel safe. You are my safe place,’” says Anania. “I know she’s my person.” Don’t worry, we’re swooning too.

“I’m grateful to have had the chance to work for people who always let me be myself. Sometimes fashion can represent a broken world of hypocrisy. Still, it can also be a way for people to share their intimate selves through art.”

Being able to feel safe in her own skin is incredibly important to Anania, who applies this philosophy to her thriving career in fashion and choice in jewelry. Anania, who fronted campaigns for the likes of Marine Serre and Coperni, reflects on her personality as drawn to subtlety, classy jewelry pieces, something that “people can notice. Still, it’s not the thing people see. It’s something that contributes to your overall look.” Kennah echoes the sentiment. “Personal fashion can be about expression when it is distanced from the pressure of the industry,” she says. This is extended to her choice of jewelry, her favorite being JUULS & KARATS’ Immi 14-karat gold necklace, because she can keep it on in the shower or in bed, like a second skin or extension of her relaxed personality.

Anania's Choice

Anania and Kennah for The Future Rocks

Today, the relationship is escalating to an even more intimate level with Kennah is seven months pregnant with their first child. Their Instagram accounts are dripping with images of their growing bundle of joy, some of Kennah’s bold belly, others of the two in a sensual kiss.

“Anania finds new little treats I might like when she goes to the grocery store—recently, it was string cheese which I found really cute—and she always checks in to see how I’m feeling whenever we’re out, which I love,” she says, proving once again the idea that no matter the relationship, these acts of love are universal.

It’s been nearly two years since they tied the knot. “I’ve always believed in marriage. Until my father passed away, my parents were married for more than 27 years, so for me, marriage means commitment, work, respect, and love,” says Anania. Kennah adds: “For me, it’s a reminder that you don’t get to walk away. It’s the relationship at the back of your head that says ‘Try again.’” They may be forever tied, but that doesn’t mean they’re losing their identity, just as they will always retain subtle differing preferences in jewelry. “I love that Ana is so different from me, and she allowed me to see every facet of herself,” says Kennah. Echos Ana: “Being with her means I can truly be myself.”

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