Gold has been associated with royalty and opulence ever since the time of ancient Egypt. Gold jewelry is a timeless investment that keeps its value over time, and it’s also an affordable way to build your personal gold stash and diversify your portfolio. The look and feel of gold jewelry can vary greatly depending on the type of gold being used and how it’s being crafted. Many different types of gold jewelry are available, each with its specific properties and appearance. Consider your lifestyle, budget, and personal tastes when choosing which pieces are right for you.

5 Reasons You Should Add Gold Jewelry to Your Collection

  1. The price of gold is constantly on the rise. Not only is gold an elegant and beautiful material, but it’s also a pretty safe investment. Over the last decade, the price of gold has increased steadily — with few interruptions. So if you’re looking for a safe and steady investment, gold jewelry is your best bet.

  2. Gold jewelry is a great investment opportunity for women. It’s a common misconception that gold is a “man’s investment” and silver is a “woman’s investment.” In fact, gold jewelry is an incredibly excellent investment opportunity for women. Thanks to a recent push from jewelry designers and retailers, consumers are now much more aware of the price fluctuations associated with gold jewelry. And thanks to the recent rise in gold prices, it’s a much more affordable investment opportunity.

  3. Gold is a reliable store of value. Gold has been used as a currency because of its reliability as a store of value. And many experts believe that gold will be used as a currency again in the future when more traditional forms of money fail. So if you buy gold jewelry now, you can rest assured that it will retain some of its value in the future.

  4. Solid gold jewelry lasts forever. Gold jewelry doesn't have a set lifespan, unlike stocks, bonds, and other investment types. While you can also buy gold bars or coins, jewelry is a much more accessible investment opportunity. You can also choose between different types of gold jewelry — including rings, necklaces, and earrings — allowing you to diversify your portfolio further.

  5. Buying gold jewelry is more accessible and safer than buying the metal itself. Buying gold bars or coins is a much more expensive investment. Gold jewelry allows you to access the gold market without buying physical gold. This means that you don’t have to worry about storing gold bars or coins — or paying to store it and insure it. Instead, you can buy gold jewelry and then sell it back to a gold dealer for the current market value. This makes it a much easier and safer investment opportunity.

How to Choose Gold Jewelry

Many people have waxed poetic about the symbolism of gemstones with birthstones, in particular, continuing to be all the rage. This month, however, we’re honoring the more underrated but arguably more ubiquitous part of gold jewelry—the trinity of metals—namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, and how they, too, come with their own set of personalities. We’re all for the mixing of metals to your heart’s content, but if we’re being honest, most of us tend to play favorites. Below is how your choice may be a well-worn symbol of your personality.

Yellow Gold

Brillant and Balmy

Ilenia Toma wearing Memories of the Sea necklace, Sunday Signet ring, and Wild Flower ring from Maren Jewellery

As if capturing the heat of the sun, gold jewelry tends to emanate warmth and comfort. A look at mindful German label Maren’s “Memories of the Sea” gold pendant, for instance, immediately calls to mind sizzling sandy beaches and walks along hot cobblestones. In turn, those gravitating towards this metal often radiate the same energy. Affable, affectionate, and spirited, gold lovers are the friends who will bring you a ray of light on a cloudy day, or be your most enthusiastic cheerleader on a sunny one. Moreover, yellow gold is often the most malleable of the three gold jewelry metals, resulting in beautiful irregular shapes like those by award-winning French brand Scéona, which uses recycled 18k gold to make its asymmetric, delicate pieces. Don’t be surprised if those gold-adoring friends are also the most flexible and creative in their thinking.

Rose Gold

Dreamy and Durable

Woman wearing Origine ring and O2 earring by Courbet

Rose gold jewelry lovers are known to be the romantics of the bunch. They are your bubbly optimists who believe the best in people and are always the most thoughtful person in the room. It’s not terribly hard to imagine—just look at the recycled rose gold ear cuffs by the Spanish label Rêver whose name literally means “dream”. Those who love rose gold are definitely dreamers and don those proverbial rose-tinted glasses, which means as friends and partners, they tend to always bring the best gifts and put in their all in any relationship.

White Gold

Pristine and Pure

Gaia Orgeas wearing Cable Chain necklace by Primal and the Facets Collection by The Rayy

Cool, calm, and collected, white gold lovers give off an air of sophistication but don’t mistake it for unapproachability. They can just as easily be excitable as their gold counterparts but are more careful about where they spend their energy. They are, after all, known for being arbiters of taste and looking for the finer things in life. You see it in our edit of intricate bracelets or necklaces, how the recycled 18k white gold from urban mines enhances the shine of the embedded lab-grown diamonds. So too, do your white gold jewelry, as they act as constant, stabilizing forces in your life who gently uplift you and encourage you and lead by example.

The Future's Call to Gold

Keeping gold as an investment has become a trend these days. It is one of the most reliable ways to make sure your wealth stays with you no matter what happens in the future. Gold jewelry is a great way to store some of your wealth if you have a small investment budget.

Anania Orgeas wearing Sunray signet ring and new arrivals from Loyal.E Paris