Introducing Emerald Cut Diamonds

A cut for the ages. Emerald cut diamonds are made from a shape that represents glamour and leans towards the maximalist rather than the minimalist. Let's find out more about this cut.

What are Emerald Cut Diamonds?

The emerald cut usually has 57 facets that run vertically down the length of the stone in parallel rows and features clipped corners, giving it an octagonal outline. This distinct faceting creates a 'hall-of-mirrors' effect, giving the diamond a distinctive and sophisticated sparkle. Emerald-cut diamonds belong to the step-cut family, characterized by their long, rectangular facets arranged in parallel lines.

The Emerald-cut origin story

The emerald cut got its name from being the cut for emeralds. Way back in the 1500s, it was the ideal cut for emeralds as step cuts provided more stability for soft emerald gems. Later, this unique style was adapted for diamonds, becoming one of the oldest diamond shapes.

Upon reaching its peak of fame, it dropped off the radar for a bit until the 1920s, when it made a grand comeback and returned to the spotlight. This was partly due to the Art Deco movement, which was characterized by its geometric shapes and linear designs. The emerald cut was a perfect fit for this period, and it quickly became a popular choice for engagement rings and all kinds of stunning jewelry pieces.

Why Buy Emerald-cut diamonds?

Similar to other diamonds like the pear cut diamond, the marquise cut's elongated shape has a slimming effect on the finger when worn as a marquise diamond engagement ring. The diamond's length can make the wearer's finger appear longer and more slender, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, its unique silhouette creates a perception of a larger size (up to 15% larger than a round diamond of equivalent carat weight), making it a popular choice for jewelry enthusiasts seeking a visually striking and impactful diamond option.

As we explored with the pear-cut diamond, Bow ties refer to a visual effect that occurs when light interacts with the facets of the marquise diamond. It creates a dark or shadowy area in the center of the stone, resembling the shape of a "bow-tie". This effect is more prominent in elongated fancy shapes like the marquise cut.

a woman wearing emerald cut diamond rings

Versatile Styles

As emerald-cut diamonds stand out on their own, the setting only enhances the beauty of the stone. Classic solitaires and bezel settings are the most popular choices for emerald-cut diamonds, as they frame the stone and make it the star of the show.

An exciting update was when the emerald cut was flipped on its side for the newer "east-west" orientation. Instead of the usual vertical setting, this ring flips to be presented horizontally across the band. Embrace the trend with our vibration ring – especially if you're looking to make a fashion statement. The perfect match for toi et moi rings, emerald-cut diamonds symbolize the harmonious pairing of two distinct stones. 

Take a look at our Gemini ring – a captivating duo of lab-grown diamonds set on a recycled 18K gold open band. The round-cut and emerald-cut stones reflect the light differently, giving the jewelry pieces a sense of life.

A Celebrity Favorite

The emerald-cut diamond engagement ring has dazzled on the fingers of celebrity icons for decades. Grace Kelly's 10-carat emerald cut stone designed by Cartier first sparked A-list obsession with the elongated shape.

When Prince Rainier proposed in 1956 with Kelly's exquisite emerald cut ring, it became a symbol uniting European royalty and Hollywood. The platinum stunner with tapered baguettes matched Kelly's elegant style and instantly became one of history's most famous engagement rings.

From mid-century legends like Liz Taylor to today's celebs like Beyoncé and Amal Clooney, the emerald cut diamond remains an iconic engagement ring choice. The elegant rectangular emerald cut stone makes a glamorous red carpet-ready spotlight. While it may not be the choice for everyone, if you are looking for some celebrity shine, an emerald-cut engagement diamond ring would be your go-to.

Pairing with Precious Metals

Emerald-cut diamonds pair particularly well with elements such as platinum or white gold. With fewer facets and less sparkle than other cuts, emerald-cut diamonds let their body color shine through. This makes the choice of metal band crucial, as white metal will complement the diamond's colorless appearance and enhance its overall brilliance.

The Right Proportion

Securing the right proportion for your Emerald-cut diamond is essential for maximizing its beauty and brilliance. 

While personal preference plays a significant role, there are some general guidelines to consider when assessing the cut quality of a diamond. For the overall right size and more details on choosing the right diamond for you - take a look at our diamond size guide.

Remember, ultimately the best proportions can vary depending on your diamond and personal style. So, go with what feels right for you.


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