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Drops of memories | 펜던트

브랜드의 Memories of the Sea 컬렉션의 일부인 우아하고 절제된 펜던트재활용된 18k 옐로우 골드 로 제작되었으며 반짝이는 랩 그로운 다이아몬드 1개가 세팅 되었습니다.

체인 은 포함되어 있지 않습니다.

USD $240
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USD $240

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    Drops of memories pendant - Pendants - The Future Rocks
    Drops of memories pendant - Pendants - The Future Rocks


    제품 사양

    Matal: 18k recycled yellow gold

    Finish: Polished

    Height: 1.5 mm

    Width: 5 mm

    Handcrafted in Germany


    보석 세부 정보

    Leading gemstone: White round-cut lab-grown diamond

    Lab-grown diamond from Switzerland

    Leading gemstone weight: 0.03ct

    Cut: Excellent

    Clarity: VS1

    Color: G

    Maren Jewellery 정보

    Maren Jewellery, aims to tell a story about love, passion, and nature through each of her creations. The modern Mother Earth-inspired pieces celebrate the brand ethos “a mindful love” by ensuring they are crafted during an artisanal process rooted in conscious thoughtfulness, using new materials including recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds.