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Maren Jewellery

Sunray bracelet

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Made during an eco-conscious process using recycled 18k yellow gold, it features sleek, adjoining bars – "rays" – that gently nestle against your skin. It's been carefully hand polished and soldered together by hand in Germany.

    Sunray bracelet - Bracelets - The Future Rocks Sunray bracelet - Bracelets - The Future Rocks


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    Leading gemstone: N/A

    About Maren Jewellery

    Maren Jewellery, aims to tell a story about love, passion, and nature through each of her creations. The modern Mother Earth-inspired pieces celebrate the brand ethos “a mindful love” by ensuring they are crafted during an artisanal process rooted in conscious thoughtfulness, using new materials including recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds.