Parisian Charm

The French Maison fuses its forward-thinking spirit with uncompromising quality - harnessing the finest traditions of Parisian craftsmanship to make each piece to lifetime-lasting standards. When it comes to design, the label celebrates gender-free styles that make a statement, further underpinning the label's liberated, convention-breaking ethos.


Sculptural and abstract, the Facets collection is made of 18k recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. Set within the precious metal, each Mirror is unique and personalized as you wish: a meaningful word, initials or a surrealist portrait by artist Blanca Miró Skoudy, let your imagination run free!

Memories of the Sea

Maren Jewellery founder Helge Maren Hauptmann aims to create a pendant necklace that will effortlessly find a place in your heart. The circular recycled 18k yellow gold design is dotted with five gleaming lab-grown diamonds and suspended from a fine chain.

Dreams of Victory

Rêver is the French word for "dream", and these earrings are just that. The Criollas V hoop is designed with a sleek V-shape, the minimalist, contemporary style perfectly embodies the Spanish brand's design codes.

Sunbeam Thoughts

The simple bar-shaped pieces are cast from recycled 18k yellow gold, and feature a lab-grown diamond on each end, ensuring they glimmer from either angle. They look great stacked with other dainty earrings for a curated look.


Lab-grown diamond & recycled materials


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