Design Lab

We help enthusiasts, creators, and innovators realize the potential of their craft by providing the necessary resources to transform their design aspirations into real tangible works. Your support allows them to grow with purpose and positively impact the world with their talent.

Design Lab - The Future Rocks

Project I - Zodiac

Zodiac is a Design Lab creation that takes inspiration from the stars. It champions self-expression and encourages the wearer to embrace their true spirit. Lab-grown diamonds map the constellation, symbolizing each zodiac's unique energy that empowers its wearer. Zodiac celebrates individuality, allowing each person to express their own amazing story.

Project II - The Ring

The future is here. New heights. A new world of cutting-edge innovation. The Future Rock’s exclusive THE RING is crafted entirely from lab-grown sapphire, made possible with advanced material science. Discover The Future Rock’s essence, exemplified with innovative craftsmanship, precision cutting, faceting, and polishing for optimal light reflection.



Project III - Elements

Elements is a Design Lab creation inspired by the Five Elements of Earth, Wind, Wood, Water, Metal, and Fire. These Elements resound strength, resilience, and elegance, encouraging a sense of boldness and gracefulness. Lab-grown diamonds reflect planets in the solar system, and the essence of love, mystery, wonder, and strength, offering a sense of awe to wearers.

Project IV - Ballerina

Design Lab’s Ballerina collection is about the delicate power in both the intricacy of the ballet and the powerful strength of balance and percision. The jewelry reflects bold elegance, unique angles and glittering Lab-grown diamonds.

Project V - The Point

The Point is a Design Lab creation of contemporary jewelry that illuminates the wearer and is sustainable. Want to make a point in life? Trying to find "the point". A great keepsake for everyday carry to reflect deeper into the meaning, the point if you will, of life's essential questions.

Project VI - Alphabet

A personal touch, a gift to a loved one, or a key reminder to stay grounded in who you are, the Alphabet collection features letters that can signify whatever is dearest to you. Whether for the first letter to a name, a song, a month or even a moment.