Trilogy necklace

Designed and dispatched by Rockrush
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With a socially conscious vision and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we encourage our community of creatives and designers not to overproduce and operate on a made-to-order basis. In light of that, we hope you'd be patient with your order and allow extra time for our creators to craft the jewelry that will stand the test of time.
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Timeless essentials
18K gold Lab-grown diamonds
ethical practices
Contribution to society: She's the First etc.
the future rocks warranty
Jewelry purchased from The Future Rocks starting from 16th June, 2023 is warranted against any manufacturing defect for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

For detailed information and warranty conditions, please view TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
FSC-certified packaging
Your jewelry comes in a box made from uncoated pulp coloured papers and boards, with a rough surface. Light fast, pure ECF and FSC® certified.

Environmental features
  • Acid free
  • Heavy metal absence CE 94/62
  • Environmental chlorine free
  • Long life ISO 9706
  • FSC C015523
About the designer of Trilogy necklace
Rockrush is a Hong Kong and New York-based jewelry label that proudly champions the use of lab-grown diamonds – melding the innovative material with an appreciation for craftsmanship. The brand also celebrates contemporary, chic design codes, which are evident in creations such as its simplistic, sparkling tennis bracelets.
product detail
primary material
18K gold
about this material
75% gold content, giving it a warm, rich yellow color with a relatively higher value. A higher gold content metal that balances between gold purity and strength, making it subtly more prone to scratching and dents.
durability and care
18K gold balances the highest level of durability with value and is less prone to scratches and wear. It is recommended to polish your piece every 2–3 years to restore high polish.
conscious practices
Virgin gold can be continuously recycled and repurposed for a wide variety of applications, including fine jewelry.
primary gemstone
Lab-grown diamonds
total carat weight
center stone weight
G - H
about this gemstone
Lab-grown diamonds are graded using the 4C's - Carat weight, Color, Clarity and Cut which all balance to create diamonds that offer optimal scintillation and brilliance.
durability and care
Avoid subjecting lab-grown diamonds to impact or rough use that may cause chips or fractures. Regular cleaning with soap and warm water to maintain optimal brilliance. Occasional professional inspection is recommended for its longevity.
conscious practices
Lab-grown diamonds grown by certified suppliers significantly lower environmental impact (with the use of renewable energy), increase efficiencies in energy consumption and water conservation, and are conflict-free with certification in transparency.
secondary material
about this material
durability and care
conscious practices
secondary gemstone
carat weight
about this gemstone
durability and care
conscious practices
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