The Future Rocks x Lightbox Jewelry

The Future Rocks

An essential collaboration.

Aligned values, mission, and commitment to conscious practices.

The Future Rocks

At The Future Rocks, we look for like-minded partners who share our vision for creating conscious, future-forward jewelry that connects with our customers.

The Future Rocks and Lightbox are similarly committed to transparency and contemporary conscientious practices. 

As we continue to champion the infinite possibilities offered by the science of lab-grown diamonds and create unique jewelry designs, we found our ideal partner in Lightbox.

The Carbon Trust-certified lab-grown diamonds.

The Future Rocks

Lightbox’s commitment to the planet is paramount in how their lab-grown diamonds are socially responsible, made with 100% renewable wind energy, producing lasting gems. 

One of the first companies to embrace lab-grown diamonds in jewelry, Lightbox is on a mission like ours to make these advanced, cutting-edge gems more accessible to customers worldwide. 

The diamonds they create are of the utmost quality. A laser inscription unnoticeable to the eye signifies how each Lightbox stone grown over 0.20cts meets the internationally recognized standards of:


Every Lightbox diamond consistently measures as “Very Good” or better.


Every Lightbox lab-grown diamond features VS clarity or better. The Lightbox Standard™ is VS1 - VS2.


Every white Lightbox Standard™ diamond has been measured as near colorless, meaning that a trace of color is nearly impossible to detect.

Advanced technology also means Lightbox can produce lab-grown diamonds in brilliant colors that are extremely rare and valuable when discovered in nature.

Designed by us.

This results in an incredible opportunity to combine Lightbox's exceptional diamonds with our expertise in crafting meaningful and captivating jewelry. 

The Future Rocks

Our designs focus on you, the wearers. Crafted in 18k yellow, white, and rose gold, The Lightbox Joy collection features a symphony of colors and cuts to mix, match, and stack to your heart’s desire.

The Future Rocks

Intentionally considered and created for your enjoyment.

Each element, from the stud settings to the bracelet cords is made from 100% recycled PET materials and specific consideration, with your everyday enjoyment in mind.

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