Empower your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with these strong and meaningful jewelry options. A wonderful way to express your heart while encouraging them to be all they are. Inspire and uplift them with these picks.


Design Lab's Luna Pink Solitaire Earrings with a round cut lab-grown pink diamond shape, represent the splendor of a full moon and how it lights up the night sky. These solitaire earrings are a great gift to let your significant other know they shine bright and feature an air of romance. Pair it with the Luna Pink Solitaire Necklace.


Give your loved one a spring to their step, with the 1ct Trillian, Princess, Round Brilliant, Joyful Ring by The Future Rocks x Lightbox. This ring stands out in glittering lab-grown diamonds, with a twirl of fun and freedom, reminding them to be exactly who they are.

We could all use a little more joy in this world. What about giving some colorful jewelry pieces on Valentine's Day? The The Future Rocks x Lightbox collaboration glitters with three lab-grown diamonds, brought together with 18K yellow or white gold. Select the centerpiece diamond cut in white, pink, or blue to best express your heart. Or if you feel your loved one would better prefer a necklace, go for the Princess Pink Diamond Necklace, to let them know they are royalty to you.

The Princess Brilliant Joy Ring by The Future Rocks x Lightbox exemplifies the joy and delight of everyday life. Give this glittering and shining ring with lab-grown diamonds wrapped in 18k yellow and white gold to express the moments of joy your loved one brings to your everyday life.


The Infinity necklace with pink diamond represents eternity and infinity. Let it remind you and your significant other of the commitment you have to each other. Not to mention, it’s a great commitment to the planet. Featuring Mimoke's signature Sailor knot necklace in a pink-to-white gradient, glittering in lab-grown diamonds.


The Ballerina Necklace by Design Lab weaves the delicate beauty and balance of a swan lake queen. For the queen (or King) in your life, gift them with this stunning array of jewels in a unique angle. Let them step into new heights in fashion.

Like the hazy band of light streaming across the sky that is only visible on a clear night, this Milky Way necklace is for the optimistic dreamers who never cease to strive for greater harmony. Give it to the optimistic dreamers that you are dreaming together with.

Mimicking the cosmos in eternal movement, the Galaxia ring features two asymmetrical 14k recycled gold bands hugging five delicate lab-grown diamonds to look as if they're floating in space. Let it remind you of holding onto your partner and the love you bring one another each day.