What does "it's giving" mean?

Have you ever felt like to express how you felt about something fully, you needed to express it in a particular way? If so, you might relate to the term “it’s giving”, this is used when you want to express the essence of something, what it is saying to you, or how it makes you feel.

Then, you connect it with the meaning you need to emphasize. For example, “Your shoes are giving me ‘life’ right now!” Meaning, those shoes give the person a sense of life and vitality because they are so beautiful.

For us, The Future Rocks jewelry is giving ‘stunning works of art’. Here are a few ways our jewelry can give you a state, an expression, and a presence.

It’s giving #slaygirlslay ⭐️

itsgiving art

For those days when you’ve gotta let them know what you’ve got. You’re shining, glittering, gleaming, beaming, and it’s about time the world knows!

It’s giving #moveouttheway ⛔️


For those days when you are not to be messed with, you are not playing any games. You’re making moves. You want to take things seriously and be taken seriously.

It’s giving #QueenEnergy 👑

Its giving art

Queening! For those days when you let your inner royalty shine. Elegance, class, and poise all the way.

It’s giving #neweravibes ✨

Its giving art

We are all evolving and taking one step forward after the other, keeping it going as we learn new things. This is when you’ve realized something new and are stepping out anew.

It’s giving #mindyourbusiness 🕶️

Its giving art

We’re sipping the tea and minding our business, you could too. This is for the days when you want to rest and not be in any drama.