POV: You’ve just attended the Fuji Rock Festival ’23 over the weekend, and now you’re stuck in the office feeling extra low from the high. You’re now browsing the internet for anything remotely related to the festival to quench your party-thirst and relive the 3-day event. You receive a notification from your mailbox, it’s from The Future Rocks, and they’re saying they can cure your post-Fuji Rock blues. So you decided to give it a shot, and now you’re here reading this, looking to be cured.


Okay, “cure” might have been too strong of a word, but we did pair some of the most popular songs from the festival’s headliners with our offerings, so that you could wear a piece of Fuji Rock '23 with you at all times.

The Foo Fighters - Aurora (1999)

“Hell yeah, I remember Aurora

Hell yeah, I remember Aurora

All this time”

Image Courtesy of 3SongsNoFlash / Alamy Stock Photo​​

Like a ballet of celestial light dancing across the night sky, the diamonds of the Aurora créoles dance in their pave setting with a claw set shared thread, allowing the light to enter and bring out the full splendour of each stone.

The Strokes - Life is Simple in the Moonlight (2011)

“Got to get to climb your tree

In the light of the living ghost I see”

Image Courtesy of ernesto rogata / Alamy Stock Photo​​

A dreamy ear crawler featuring three brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds balanced on a curve, the Moon earring is a statement-making piece on its own. Each piece is expertly crafted in Italy with 18k gold.

Lizzo - Better in Color (2019)

“You can be my lover

'Cause love looks better in color”

Image Courtesy of Rodolfo Sassano / Alamy Stock Photo​​

This distinctive necklace features a trio of pear, round, and radiant cut diamonds in white, pink, and yellow hues. This delicate sculptural piece is handmade in a Parisian atelier through a mindful process.

Daniel Caesar - Always (2023)

“If you're with somebody else

I'll give you time and space

Just know I'm not a phase

I'm always, ways, ways”

Image Courtesy of The Canadian Press / Alamy Stock Photo​​

A modern classic, the Sempre ring, named after the word for "always" in Portuguese, is made with a marquise and pear-shaped lab-grown diamond tied beautifully by a 14k recycled gold cuff-style ring.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (2006)

“Gold lion's gonna tell me where the light is

Take our hands out of control”

Image Courtesy of The Photo Access / Alamy Stock Photo​​

This zodiac necklace will garner admiration and attention with its unique design and star constellation patterns. Crafted from high-quality materials, this piece reminds us of the energy we carry daily and embodies the universe's spirit. They are perfect for any occasion and will be treasured for years.