We know that several ‘Instagrammable’ or beautiful post ideas and locations are specifically aimed to be featured on Instagram. That said, we just want to give you a little extra, by offering certain Instagrammable photo ideas that can also capture your bling in the right light. It’s about being able to fully express yourself in various ways, while also making sure your jewelry looks good and can be on display.

A snap in the Kitchen

Tiles, good lighting, electric appliances, windows, art – a lot of these things are found in kitchen spaces. The silverware, the artistic touches, and the personal home sense are all opportunities to catch the glam and sparkle of jewelry pieces.

With pets and fur friends

a girl with jewelry and a dog

Our pets can be our best friends, and our jewelry carries the same sentiment. Why not take a pic of your jewelry with your favorite fur friends?

A glass with your drink of choice

What is your beverage of choice? Wine, coffee, iced tea? That’s up to you, but if you were to hold up your cup for a toast and have some rings on display - that would be a great shot. That’s all we’re saying.

Outfit of the day (with your new clothes)

jewelry with a top

The classic outfit of the day pic, but this time, try showing just half of your outfit or position your outfit in such a way that your jewelry can take center stage.

A deck of cards

Got a royal flush? Great at shuffling cards? Whichever your way, having a deck of cards in hand is a great way to show the bling on your hand. A tip would be to go with your favorite bracelets and rings.

With a bouquet of flowers

When you want to show the lovely flowers someone got you (or you got yourself) put on some of your favorite jewelry pieces for the gram. It will be highlighted alongside the beautiful flowers.

Nail day or hand art

Having a nail day anytime soon? If that’s your kind of thing then when you capture those gorgeous nails, capture your jewelry as well. Otherwise, if that’s not your thing, if you’re ever showing your henna art or some kind of hand paint – including tattoos, you can showcase your jewelry too!

At a museum

Art meets art. We often wear what expresses us. As you go to view all the art, you could dress up with some of your favorite jewelry pieces and as you take those treasured keepsakes, you’ll have your jewelry in frame.

Playing an instrument (or attempting to!)

Which is your musical instrument? Piano, guitar, ukulele, violin? When you are playing, try to wear a necklace or rings, or a bracelet depending on which leaves room for your playing. If you don’t have a musical instrument, you can always just give it a go for fun!

Making coffee

The start of the day for many people includes grabbing some coffee. This is a great opportunity to showcase some of your jewelry. Why not document the whole coffee-making process, with a ring of choice?

Playing chess or checkers

A game of the mind. When you are about to checkmate, grab a pic and then check the jewelry pieces that you have put on.

With a plate of food

jewelry w food

We gotta eat. When you have that extra delicious plate of food, with your fork and knife stuck in, your hands may be showing – this would be a good time to slip on your new bracelet.

A close up of you by natural flowers/elements in a nature park

Nature and jewelry go together like peas in a pod. Take a moment out of your wandering around to take a close-up snap of you in your necklace. 

At a pool party (not in the pool)

Remember, to take care of your jewelry, don’t get it submerged in water. You can check out our jewelry cleaning article for details on that. With that said, if you’re just having a bit of a leg dip into the pool, you might still want to have a necklace on display. 

Hand holding shots

We can just imagine the shot. How cute! You and your significant other or best friend, holding hands – oh, and what’s that? Great taste in jewelry too? Beautiful. 

Golden hour sunset moments

That golden hour glow, not just on you, but also on your golden pieces.

A snap of your writing in a journal or typing something out

There are some really special moments, words or reminders that we write down, and then we feel like sharing with the world. When you take a photo, if your hand/arm is in frame, this would be that time to get on your jewelry of choice.

Adding final touches to a salad, dish or pastry

That extra sprinkle vibe, last touch moment, that element of extra decoration. Get a snap of your jewelry while you do this in a way that’s special to you.

Holding up scoops of your favorite ice cream

jewelry w food

You’d be surprised at how well jewelry and ice cream pair well together, both beautiful, eye-catching and bring forth nostalgia at times.

Getting your daily hydration in (holding a water-bottle)

We all know that drinking water is an essential part of life, necessary for all living things. As you share a snap of taking your daily H2O or when you are showing how you recycle your water bottles – wear a little bling.

Holding tickets to an important activity

Got tickets to your favorite sport game, artist’s concert, or a performing arts event? As you hold up those tickets to celebrate, you might just wanna slip on your new bracelet or ring as well.

Holding some deliciously made cookies

When you’re showing that perfectly goey, exquisitely baked cookie or maybe even brownie, this is a great time to let your favorite jewelry pieces shine and glitter. 

Crocheting or sewing

For those days when you need to wind down with a little arts and crafts, you could share your favorite necklace while holding up your beautiful artsy creation.

The iconic selfie

The selfie, known for the go-to photo option when all else fails (as in there’s no one to take a photo for you). Note, this is a great way to showcase your necklace or earrings, as it’s a closer shot.

The picnic spread

For a little extra dazzle to the display of your picnic spread, add on some jewelry pieces alongside the fruit and cheese. Either that, or have a theme with some key jewelry elements.

Lacing up / Tying your shoes

When you’ve got those new sneakers that you want to try, as you lace them up, you can showcase some beautiful jewelry pieces.

Holding up a polaroid

Why not pair those classic memories with some classy jewelry?

An unboxing

Whether you are unboxing a game and taking stills for a carousel post or you are unboxing your delivered jewelry - it's a great opportunity to showcase your jewelry.

Reflecting off of reflectors

When you are walking past reflecting surfaces, screens or even past a mall mirror, take a photo of your jewelry.

POV shot of you driving / on a ride

That POV shot, with your hands in view captures the road ahead of you.