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Styling everything black has been a statement for the ages. Whether the iconic Breakfast At Tiffany’s little black dress, the Wednesday Adams gothic gown with white collars, Rei Kawakubo’s distinct black aesthetic (leather jacket included), or any all-black ensemble. The color black exudes mystery, poise, high fashion, and strength. With all the history, it’s important to style your black outfits in such a way that you have the best overall ‘fit. At times the crown and jewel of an all black ensemble is the accompanying jewelry. Here are a few jewelry options (some that would positively pop) on black outfits.

Little Black Dress

When it comes to the little black dress, it has versatile uses, it could be for a smart casual event, for a party, or it could be for a night out with friends. That means your jewelry choices would depend on the event you wear the dress to. If you are going to a smart casual work event - use your discretion, but you might want to keep it classy.

Here are a few starter options:

If you are going to a party, layering would be a fun option! Here are some necklaces that you could layer to walk in with an ambiance of fun.


For a little bling alongside the cuff. These jewelry options are simple, smart, and elegant, and go well with any tuxedo look.

All Black Everything: Black Shirt, Jacket and Jeans

For the everyday all-black outfit, one especially cool jewelry option would be to wear black jewelry. Add to the ensemble and be in black from head to toe. Stealth mode, or punk rock.

To nail that look, check out Rêver’s all-black jewelry:

Formal Black Gown

For the formal gown, similar to the tuxedo, there’s an element of classic dress and a sense of grandeur. The jewelry that would work best with this kind of gown would be statement jewelry pieces.

Here are a few unique statement pieces:

Black Onesie

In terms of the black onesie, it’s more of a fun and relaxing outfit that you wear for rest or play. This is for that chill day out with your friends or a grocery trip.

Here are a few more expressive options that will pair well with a onesie: