When you've got a new piece of jewelry, a bond forms, especially if it is an intentional buy. Depending on the significance of the jewelry that you have, there's a desire to flaunt it.


For classic, sustainable jewelry, solid gold jewelry and more, we get if there's an extra connection you might have to each jewelry piece.


So, we understand if you have the urge to flex your bling all day, every day, everywhere; but we'd advise you don’t. Here's why: your jewelry collection needs care, professional cleaning, and protection. We do encourage, of course, buying new jewelry for your friends, family and loved ones, so they can flex bling as well! Get as much jewelry as you want, while keeping in mind the right kind of jewelry care to prolong the wear life.


Owning lab-grown diamond jewelry is like owning a sports car or wearing an expensive leather jacket. To keep your bling shining with day-to-day use, there are certain things to be mindful of.


Here are a few jewelry care tips:


Take it off... Sometimes


In circumstances where your jewelry can be compromised, protect them by taking them off. For example, when you are working out. Be sure to take your fine and/or demi-fine jewelry off and keep them someplace dry and safe pre-work out. While diamonds can withstand sweat, the surrounding metal can't handle it. Keep your jewelry dry and fresh before you put it into your jewelry box or storage. Other times to watch out for water is when you are near a swimming pool or even washing your hands.



To care for your jewelry, take it off sometimes

Chemicals such as hairspray, chlorine bleach, perfume, and cleaning solutions can also cause your metal to change color. It will be wise to save your fine jewelry for the final stage of any styling process. Also, if you're trying to go full on clean and organize mode, remember to remove it temporarily before doing any housework.

Inspection and cleaning

Have a professional inspect your jewelry every 6–12 months. Pay special attention to your diamonds’ setting, so you don’t lose those little rocks. Diamonds are extremely hard, yes — but the surrounding settings can dislodge over time and regular use. Proper storage can be crucial in making sure your jewelry ages like fine wine and not milk.


Do your best to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat. This means, securing your jewelry, especially silver, in a holder with individually lined compartments to avoid scratches.



A modern jewelry care box


If you'd rather have your jewelry out on display, remember to clean your trinket trays and ring holders regularly to eliminate dust.


As lab-grown diamonds share the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical features as mined diamonds, they need the same TLC (tender loving care) as their natural counterparts.


It's a good idea to polish and pamper your jewelry regularly. As durable as gold is, and long-lasting as they are, the laws of physics still apply, and dirt does accumulate.


Now let's dive into the specifics of cleaning your precious jewels:


For plated pieces (soft kisses):


When treating plated pieces, it's imperative to be gentle. Do not scrub or use a polishing cloth as this will damage the coating. Instead, rub the surface gently with a soft jewelry cloth. To deep clean your gems, soak them in lukewarm water mixed with mild soap for a few minutes.


For a raw brass and sterling silver jewelry polish finish:

Make a paste using half a lemon and a teaspoon of baking soda. Rub the paste in your jewelry in one direction with a cotton cloth. Wipe off and rinse.


For diamonds and precious metals:


1) Beginner’s scrub

Dissolve one tablespoon of mild dish soap into a glass of warm water and let your jewelry go for a little swim. Scrub gently with a soft cloth or an old soft-bristle toothbrush before rinsing with clean water.

2) Zen clean

Add 3 drops of lemon essential oil to a half cup of witch hazel or vinegar. Let your jewelry sit for 5 minutes, and wipe with a soft polishing cloth if necessary. Rinse with clean water. Be careful not to leave your diamonds to air dry, as that can result in unappealing, hard to clean water stains. Instead, lightly pat your gems dry to avoid blemishes.


a person is in a bathroom cleaning and caring for jewelry

Final tips

When in doubt about certain cleaning specifics, contact a reputable jeweler; perhaps even the one that made your jewelry — they'll give you further information on what your jewelry needs for it to stay optimal for many years to come. Their expertise will ensure you receive tailored advice and guidance. And for some items, it’s worth handing them over to the professionals for annual cleaning or maintenance.


One of the beautiful aspects of well-kept jewelry is that it can often be an heirloom that is held onto for family legacy and memory. By following these jewelry care tips, you can preserve the brilliance and beauty of your treasured pieces. Give your jewelry the care it deserves, and it will continue to radiate elegance for generations to come.

faded bronze and silver antique jewelry care box

Here are a few options with antique charm:

We hope that as you continue to expand your jewelry collections, you'll be able to use these tips to have jewelry that lasts.