For the next few months, we'll be taking an in-depth look at key cuts that make some of the world's most dazzling diamonds. Read on for the insiders cut! 

What are pear shaped diamonds

For centuries, pear shaped diamonds have been loved for their unique shape. The pear name comes from the diamond's round dip, matching a luscious pear fruit. These diamonds are characterized by their rounded head, arched sides, and tapered point. They come in a captivating range of proportions.


The pear cut is a modified brilliant cut, meaning it has 58 facets intentionally cut to maximize the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. This exquisite stone cut also goes by the teardrop diamond, emphasizing its resemblance to a glistening tear.


History of pear shaped diamonds

Pear-cut diamonds were invented in the 15th century by Flemish diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem. It is a modified brilliant cut that tapers to a point at one end. He is believed to have created the first pear-cut diamond around 1450, transforming the earlier pendeloque cut into a more balanced and visually appealing design.


Remarkable characteristics

A captivating feature of the pear-cut diamond is its ability to create an illusion of elongated fingers when you wear it as an engagement ring. The tapered point of the diamond points towards the wearer's fingertip, while the rounded end rests towards the base of the finger. This positioning visually lengthens the appearance of the wearer's finger.

Celebrity presence

Notably, Elizabeth Taylor owned a legendary pear-shaped diamond, known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond, weighing a staggering 69.42 carats. This remarkable diamond shape has made appearances in various glamorous settings, including adorning the fingers of celebrities and captivating audiences on the silver screen.

Another famous pear cut diamond to note, “The Rock” a striking 228.31-carat diamond, could make history as the largest diamond ever auctioned.

Elizabeth Taylor owned a legendary pear-shaped diamond, known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond, weighing a staggering 69.42 carats.
Image Courtesy of KEYSTONE Pictures USA / Alamy Stock Photo

How to choose pear shaped diamonds

Like every piece of jewelry, it's important to know which style, size and diamond cut fits you best. Here is what you need to know when choosing your pear-shaped engagement ring or other jewelry styles.

Length-to-Width Ratio

The classic length-to-width ratio for pear-shaped diamonds is between 1.50 and 1.75, but today many brides select different proportions based on their fingers and their personal preferences.


A higher length-to-width ratio will create a longer, thinner diamond, while a lower length-to-width ratio will create a wider, shorter diamond. It is important to choose a length-to-width ratio that flatters your finger and your personal style.


The ideal proportions for a pear cut diamond are a depth of 58% to 64%, and a table size of 57% to 62%.


The symmetrical pear-shaped diamond will have equal length on both sides of the diamond, and the table and culet (tip of the diamond) will be centered.


Bow tie effect

Asymmetrical pear-shaped diamonds can have a bow-tie effect. Bow ties refer to a visual effect that occurs when light interacts with the facets of the pear cut diamond. It creates a dark or shadowy area in the center of the stone, resembling the shape of a "bow-tie". This effect is more prominent in elongated shapes. Well-cut pear-shaped diamonds will avoid this effect.

How to shop for pear shaped engagement rings

Clarity: A well-cut pear-shaped diamond will hide imperfections. Opting for a diamond with SI1 or SI2 clarity grade ensures that it will most likely be eye-clean, giving you that flawless and stunning look you are after.


Carat weight: Pear-shaped diamonds are typically smaller than other cuts of the same carat weight.


Color: Aim for H color grade (near colorless) or above for the best results. The H color grade is so clear that the difference between a H and G color grade is essentially undetectable.


We hope you find the right pear-cut diamond for you!