Summer has been fired up and hot! Not just in temperature, but in all the various ways to have a good time. There are countless events, parties and trips that we’ve got more time for. The days are longer, nights are more active, and life is buzzing. When planning your summertime outfits, aim for lightweight jewelry, so you can stand out without having to lug too much with you. We’ve collected a few great summer jewelry options for you to still get your glam on, and not feel too hot or restricted for your activities.

Chill evening out with friends

This relaxed yet elegant Solitaire bracelet is perfect for a chill event with friends. An easy one to style with various outfits and a quick one to slip on, this is a great pick for your next evening hangout! It comes in 18k rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

Summer jewelry: people enjoying sunset in summer beach
Image Courtesy of Tanya Pro / Unsplash

Date night with that special someone

Got a date with your ride or die? The Ride & Love semi-paveé bracelet will be a solid addition to your date night look. A comfortable yet unique bracelet design, it works well layered with other equally lightweight bracelets, and has a neutral look - so it can pair well with anything.

Summer jewelry: people holding hands looking at wild animals
Image Courtesy of Louis Smith / Unsplash

Beach or pool party with a fun crew

Ready for that beach or pool party you’ve been thinking of going to? Grab some hoop earrings for the vibing and then, place them aside before you dive in. 

Summer jewelry: people chilling on the beach
Image Courtesy of Stanislav Rozhkov / Unsplash

Here are three fun hoops to consider:

Festivals and Fairs

You’ll be seeing a lot of people and engaging in a diverse array of activity. The jewelry you wear will have to be fit for action. We recommend something that allows you to move, while bringing another level of excitement to the activities. 

Summer jewelry: people taking photos in a celebration
Image Courtesy of Tanya Pro / Unsplash

These tennis bracelets will give you some flair with flexibility:

Have an invigorating time, whatever you get up to this social season, and dress the part too!