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Sparkle and shine with our curation of solitaire rings. From engagement rings to 'just because' gifts to yourself, explore styles made with lab-grown diamonds, recycled metals, sterling silver, and more.
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What sets a solitaire ring apart?

A solitaire ring showcases a single diamond or gemstone at the center of the band. Its minimalist design accentuates the brilliance and fire of the center stone, making it a cherished choice for engagement rings and other special moments in life.

How do I choose the right solitaire ring?

A solitaire ring's simplicity puts the center stone in the spotlight. Pay attention to the diamond's "4Cs" - carat weight, cut, clarity, and color - to land on the one that speaks to your heart. Choose a band that complements your finger shape and ring size, and a metal that harmonizes with your skin tone and personality.

What is the best gemstone for a solitaire ring?

The beauty of a solitaire ring lies in its simplicity, allowing any stone shape to shine. The round diamond stands as a timeless symbol for solitaire rings. For those seeking something more unique, explore step cuts like Asscher and emerald diamonds boasting sleek lines and geometric beauty. Elevate your style with pear, marquise, and oval cuts, which elongate your fingers and create an eye-catching look.

What makes solitaire engagement rings so special?

Diamond solitaires are a timeless and versatile choice for the perfect engagement ring setting. Wear it on the left ring finger or stack it with a wedding band for a stunning combination. If you desire a more distinctive touch, sparkle with a diamond halo or dazzle with a toi et moi or three-stone ring.

Which solitaire is suitable for my finger shape?

To complement finger proportions, slender fingers look best with elongated diamond shapes, while wider fingers benefit from rounder shapes. The choice of setting also influences perceived size. High-profile settings like halo settings create the illusion of a larger diamond.

What makes solitaire diamonds so popular and what does it symbolize?

Whether buying an engagement, wedding ring, or a gift to yourself, a diamond solitaire symbolizes what matters most in your heart - love and commitment with your partner or self-expression. Let it constantly remind you of your journey, and make the diamond solitaire your own.