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Maren Jewellery

Wilderness earrings

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These earrings pay tribute to water streaming down a waterfall and shimmering in the sunlight. Designed in Germany during an award-winning process steeped with mindful love, the pair is made from recycled 18k yellow gold, and lined with lab-grown diamonds.

    Wilderness earrings - Earrings - The Future Rocks Wilderness earrings - Earrings - The Future Rocks


    Product details

    Leading gemstone: White round lab-grown diamond

    Cut: Excellent

    Clarity: VS1

    Color: G

    About Maren Jewellery

    Maren Jewellery, aims to tell a story about love, passion, and nature through each of her creations. The modern Mother Earth-inspired pieces celebrate the brand ethos “a mindful love” by ensuring they are crafted during an artisanal process rooted in conscious thoughtfulness, using new materials including recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds.