If the myriad of baubles and the twinkle of tinsel hasn’t tipped you off, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” But beyond brightening your living room with lights and merrymaking, most importantly, ‘tis the season to brighten up the lives of your loved ones, to illuminate their accomplishments this year, and show some appreciation for the light they also brought to your life. After some well-deserved self-pampering via our Self-Love Gift Guide, it’s time to direct some of that love to your loved ones with our delicate sparklers that are gentle for the earth and the soul. With these tiny treasures and grand gestures, have yourself a merry little Christmas, and let yours and your loved ones’ hearts be light.
Parisian women have long admired their style; chic coats, tousled waves, and a certain air of "je ne sais quoi""come to mind. But having lived here for a few months, II'velearned that most women subconsciously abide by specific dress codes dictated mainly by the ccity'sunpredictable weather. Most importantly, they care about timeless, effortless styles and showcase their modern-bohemian way of life. So with Paris Fashion Week on the horizon, hhere'show you dress like a true Parisian.
Layering jewelry is a trend everywhere – from the runways to your social feeds and on the streets. And while the statement approach to styling has covetable results, the natural beauty of layering jewelry is its ability to fuse together a collection of favorite pieces and sentimental mementos in a way that feels highly personalized to each wearer.
Gold has been associated with royalty and opulence ever since the time of ancient Egypt. Gold jewelry is a timeless investment that keeps its value over ,time and it’s also an affordable way to build your personal gold stash and diversify your portfolio. The look and feel of gold jewelry can vary greatly depending on the type of gold being used and how it’s being crafted. Many different types of gold jewelry are available, each with its specific properties and appearance. Consider your lifestyle, budget, and personal tastes when choosing which pieces are right for you.
Who doesn’t love statement rings? They’re fun and flirty, and when worn correctly, they can make any outfit feel complete. A statement ring is a piece of jewelry that stands out because of its size, color, or design. It is generally broad and has a strong visual impact on the wearer. Shop for statement rings to find eye-catching pieces, extravagant and even weird. These rings add flair to your look with their large size and bold designs. Vogue has outlined several ways of wearing statement rings, from stacking them on your fingers to wearing them as collarbone accessories or slipping them over your knuckles as gloves would do. Here are some tips on how you can invest in the perfect statement ring to accentuate your style: