Hikari | Celestial Bodies

Collection: Hikari | Celestial Bodies

Combining ambition, technology, and a dash of romance inevitably leads one to ponder the mysteries of the universe. Mystical in its vast unknown and aspirational in human’s never-ending endeavor to discover more, the Celestial Bodies collection highlights this juxtaposition in a dazzling array of jewelry.


Symbolizing unity, order, and stability, the Orbit pendant imitates the circular integrity of planets drawn to the sun, reminding you to stay grounded in your beliefs and to follow the intuition found within.


Without darkness, you can see no stars. Resembling the cosmic dust blooming like interstellar clouds, the asymmetric halo around the diamonds of the Nebula pieces are symbols of hope and belief that a challenge is merely an opportunity in disguise.

Milky Way

Like the hazy band of light streaming across the sky that is only visible on a clear night, this Milky Way piece is for the optimistic dreamers who never cease to strive for greater harmony.

TRENDING - Solaris

Referring to the core that holds together our solar system and brings light and warmth, the Solaris pendant.